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On Mar 17, 2008 sonia wrote:

Saturday I was hesitant to go for the meet in, today it feels like the most beautiful experience a human being can have. We discussed life and expectations from life and he said, " The day I am on my death-bed I want to look back and feel satisfied that the people whose life I have touched knowing or unknowingly- I have left a positive feeling in them. I live in today, make each and every moment beautiful, tomorrow when I will look at past, I will see only beautiful moments and look forward to make the future beautiful. When I face a probelm, I look at it objectively, no problem is big-it is another challenge: spice that life gives us. I never panick because if I panic I will be able to deliver 20% of my performance and If I take the challenge heads on I will be able to give 80%. I look forward to a relation without expectations and a no complication life". HE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE, MY OUTLOOK TOWARDS LIFE. I AM THANKFUL TO HIM.

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