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Death is Life's Door

On Oct 29, 2015 IMP wrote:

I do not fear death. I used to. I used to fear the death of my loved ones, leaving me here devoid of their caresses, their support, their love. But then I realized that all people I meet continue to live inside of me, especially the loved ones - they still talk me through my impasses, my bad moods.
As for my death, I don't fear it at all. At most, my death will be a stretch of my anguishes and torments, or a stretch of my compassion and love. So I work to feed my soul compassion rather than anguish, and love rather than hate, just in case. The slumber of nothingness I would happily embrace, as nothingness is not being a consciousness anymore, thus no I, no Self, no threatening of Self - as there will be no Self to be threatened.
But then, why would one live the Life if there's no fear of Death? I live it for the process - the understanding, the discovering, the becoming. There is beauty in Time, the relentless Transformation of this world we know. Observing it brings me joy. It's only that from time to time, quite often sadly, I loose focus from it. And I have not learned to let it go yet, to accept that I am only human.

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