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On Mar 11, 2008 brvhrt wrote:

Well said, Murray! Post-Modernism: I happened to visit a famous building which was post rules..staircases leading to nowhere and people were appreciating the art of meaninglessness/relativism/post-modernism. My question to the guide who was showing us the building was, 'Does this building have an Absolutely good foundation or is it also Post-Modern??? We need Absolute moral laws to keep society from flowing wherever it wants to...any society which has done that has disintegrated. Now, the post-modernist will say, So what if it disintegrates? For that my answer is what the blind person told the religious leaders when Jesus healed him. He basically said, I don't care for your intellectual/theological debates. I know this that I was blind and now I can see. We need to open our spiritual eyes and establish these laws in our heart and they should come from a heart yearning to fellowship with God. Nothing less will do! God loves us all and may He bless us all and lead us to the Truth!

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