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Death is Life's Door

On Oct 27, 2015 david doane wrote:

I believe that forms end or die, including every inanimate thing and every animate cell and body, and I believe that life goes on.  As a child and for a long time I believed in 'heaven' as a place that I would live in after I physically die.  That's a belief and wish that goes back thousands of years and is still alive for many people.  As for me, I now simply believe my spirit or soul will continue to be.  I believe in the continuity of spirit, and death is life's door in the sense that the end or death is a new beginning.  I haven't personally shook hands with death in the sense of consciously being at death's door myself.  The closest I've come to shaking hands with death has been the death of loved ones.  I didn't shake hands with death in order to embrace life -- neither I nor death are that goal-directed -- but the death of loved family members, teachers, and friends has helped me accept the inevitability of death and to embrace more this brief time of life in this form.

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