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Do You Direct Your Mind Or Does Your Mind Direct You?

--Yogi Bhajan (May 13, 2019)

You have to have an exotic sense of tolerance no matter what anybody does, what they say, how they attack you, what they want out of you -- you remain calm. That is the faculty of the ocean—how many rivers flow into it? Remain calm, quiet and peaceful. There is one thing we all have in us and that’s called mind. The job of the mind is thinking. It plays the human energy into many directions. That’s the duty of the mind. It is given for watching the entire presence of the human and how a human can progress. It does two things. It gives a man power to penetrate and also, it destroys a man’s power of penetration. It is both ways. You cannot say your mind is this and not that. Your mind is this and that, both things. Now is the moment of truth: if you do not...

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