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Green Mountains Are Forever Walking

--by Subhana Barzaghi (Jan 21, 2019)

I've been fascinated by this process of birth and death.  I was a midwife for seven years, delivering babies in the bush and it was always a great privilege and honor to be invited to a birth.  I had many wonderful experiences there.  One thing I remember about these births is the energy and excitement, the focus and attention at the moment the baby comes out.  At that moment, the baby is often blue and it does not breathe for a few moments.  Everybody in the room solemnly looks at this tiny creature and waits for it to breathe and all the adults in the room are holding their breath.  I would then say to everyone, "Breathe!  How is this poor little creature going to learn how to breathe if we are all  holding our breath?"  That...

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