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In Stillness and Community

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J. Krishnamurti, Fear: Its Beginning, Middle and End
J. Krishnamurti, Awareness is Profound Interest
J. Krishnamurti, What is Time?
J. Krishnamurti, Truth is a Pathless Land
J. Krishnamurti, Every Sensation Comes to an End
J. Krishnamurti, He Who Accumulates Cannot Learn
J. Krishnamurti, Why Do Social Work?
J. Krishnamurti, A Path to Truth
J. Krishnamurti, Where Skillfullness and Clarity Meet
J. Krishnamurti, Creative Revolution
J. Krishnamurti, Simplicity of the Heart
J. Krishnamurti, Be A Light Unto Yourself
J. Krishnamurti, Four Seasons In A Day
J. Krishnamurti, Sorrow
J. Krishnamurti, What is meditation?
J. Krishnamurti, Is There Righteous Anger Ever?
J. Krishnamurti, Does Life Have A Purpose?
Jack Kerouac, The Golden Eternity
Jack Kornfield, Where We Are Is Our Temple
Jack Kornfield, Moving The Rocks
Jack Kornfield, Touched by Pain of Life
Jack Kornfield, Only Passing Through
Jack Kornfield, Beauty of True Simplicity
Jacob Needleman, Mistake of Immense Proportion
Jacob Needleman, Why Are We Running Out of Time?
Jacob Needleman, Right Away is the Opposite of Now
Jacob Needleman, A 9-Year-Old's Hidden Self
Jacob Needleman, The Problem of Time
Jacob Needleman, Time: A Mystery & Problem
Jacques Lusseyran, Unlocking a New Sphere of Reality
Jaggi Vasudev, Divine Darkness
Jaggi Vasudev, To Rule Or To Serve
Jaggi Vasudev, Giving and Receiving
Jaggi Vasudeva, Make Your Life Into a Giving
James Carse, Ourselves We're Helping, Ourselves We're Healing
James O'dea, Witnessing: A Form of Compassion
James O'dea, Spontaneous Resonance
James O'dea, New Year Shift
James P. Carse, The Only True Voyage
James Redfield, Our Greatest Mistake
James Redfield, Mysterious Coincidences
Jan Phillips, To Be On A Spiritual Path
Jane Brunette, Dropping Out, Like The Buddha
Jane Hirshfield, Shaped by a Silky Attention
Jane Rosen, Looking With Head, Heart, and Hands
Janine Benyus, Living Lessons of Biomimicry
Janis Roze, Opening the Door to a New Humanity
Japanese Folktale, House of 1000 mirrors
Jean Houston, Being A Social Artist
Jeanne de Salzmann, Seeing Is Not Thinking
Jeanne de Salzmann, Seeing is an Act
Jeff Foster, A Walk in the Rain
Jeff Foster, Your Life Cannot Go Wrong
Jeff Weiner, Compassion: an Objective Form of Empathy
Jennifer Welwood, This is the True Ride
Jerry Wennstrom, Difference Between Eah and Oh!
Jill Bolte Taylor, My Stroke of Insight
Jim Ewing, Honor the Seed
Jim Rohn, Wherever you are Be there
Joanna Macy, The Shambhala Warrior
Joe Dispenza, I Create My Day
Joel and Michelle Levy, A Heart Wide Open
John Coleman, The Rich Experience of A Quiet Mind
John F. Kennedy, The Power of Art
John O'Donohue, From Sincerity to Authenticity
John O'Donohue, For the Traveler
John Ptacek, Letter on the Kitchen Table
John Robbins and Ann Mortifee, Processing Anger With An Open Heart
John Templeton, Well-Knotted Rope
Jon Kabat-Zinn, Wherever You Go, There You Are
Jon Kabat-Zinn, Painting the Inner Sistine Chapel
Jon Kabat-Zinn, Shifting Your Relationship With Pain
Jon Kabat-Zinn, Strong Enough To Be Weak
Jon Kabat-Zinn, Being Connected Within
Jon Young, Indigenous Perception in a Modern Body
Jonathan Franzen, Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts.
Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth
Judith Thompson, We Are Between Stories
Julia Cameron, 10 Principles of The Artist's Way