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Your Life Cannot Go Wrong, by Jeff Foster

FaceBook  On Feb 18, 2014 yogitony wrote:

If what Jeff Foster says is taken literally, then the choices we have are irrelevant and, in point of fact, we really have no simply unfolds magically for our best interest no matter what we do.
He obviously has a strong faith and trust in the beauty and the ultimate benevolence of ..............well, of what?
My question is what is the basis of his statements? It feels wonderful to have such a trust, especially in times of trauma, but where in his heart is the trust placed?
If he said Nature, or an intelligent creative force, or some form of revelation i could take his words of having some authority.
Actually, i do agree with most everything he says and firmly believe and understand that our choices matter. My authority is the deep foundation of every serious religious tradition i have investigated and practiced and the gut check that keeps me connected to my heart.


Bridging The Spiritual and Mundane, by Bhikkhu Bodhi

FaceBook  On Jul 9, 2013 tony criscuolo wrote:

When reflecting on the infighting that is part of most every social and environmental action group it seems clear that an ability to step outside ones egocentric view of issues is crucial. Interest groups seem to have a relatively easy time when it comes to defining their goals for the welfare of society; the problems arise in deciding the course of action. 
How can a person step outside their ego driven perspective without a spiritual awakening? Only the recognition at a deep level that everyone and everything is eternally connected brings such an inclusive point of view.
In the ancient times in India, as outlined in Vedic texts, there was a ruling class that was accountable to the renounced spiritual leaders. Unfortunately the spiritual leaders of today have been usurped by the technocrats and their own personal failures. Unless we find a way to return to the spiritually based values, ethics and morals that set the standard in ancient and simpler times it does not look good for the long term health of modern societies.
In this regard the fundamentalist edges of religions have an important point to make, although their methods lack insight for enlisting broad support and cause even more division.
In our zeal for freedom we have permitted abominable behavior which leads to a loss of respect for our institutions. The result is an artificial separation and an inability for people of good conscience to make a difference.