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To Be In Satsang, by Adyashanti

FaceBook  On Apr 9, 2019 vinod wrote:
wow! thank you!

Element of Surprise, by Margaret Wheatley

FaceBook  On Mar 18, 2019 Vinod wrote:
The ability to laugh literally makes life’s seeming heavy moments later lighter. Stay blessed :)

The Work Of Love Is To Love, by Mark Nepo

FaceBook  On Sep 14, 2018 Vinod Eshwer wrote:

All beings big and small,
the ones you’ve met through spring and fall,
the ones you’re with and hopefully having a ball,
the ones you will meet maybe in a mall,
the point of this bad poem by vinod lal
is, can you truly love them all?


Bedrock On Which We All Stand, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On Aug 24, 2018 Vinod Eshwer wrote:

 When the ego is still and silent, eco emerges. Only nature remains. There is nothing else. 


Fueled By Love, by Timber Hawkeye

FaceBook  On Aug 16, 2018 Vinod Eshwer wrote:

 When we suspend judgement, the heart opens, love flows and we are free. 


Rediscovering the Art of Reverence, by John O'Donohue

FaceBook  On May 10, 2016 vinod.eshwer wrote:

 All is sacred. All needs to be revered. All the time.
But we are so mired in our ego, that it doesn't always happen.