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Radiating Photons of Goodwill, by Marc Ian Barasch

FaceBook  On Jul 21, 2009 terry wrote:

I have learned to praise the Creator in each and everyone.  I do believe everyone is redeemable, good at their core- perhaps it is just that they have forgotten or have never known love without strings.  Compassion is the key, kindness the ointment- love without rules, religion or comfort zones.  How could anyone truly know God if it weren't through our reaching out and loving them- we are his hands, his heart, his touch.  I praise God by praising my brothers and my sisters.

  "Above all, love one another."  Brother Jesus's blanket rule. 

To see beauty in the ugly faces is the hardest thing I do- but to look upon hate, despair, sadness and sorrow and reflect to the wearer of those masks a goodness, true beauty- it is though a light, a beaming light has been finally turned on in the darkest room.  Love never fails, love wins.  Period.

Take care-


The Gaps on Your Resume, by Kimberley Patton

FaceBook  On Nov 6, 2007 Terry wrote:
"Tears are merely a lubricant for the daily grinding of gears that must turn and turn driving me through this veil of misery- No! This wall that sorrow has built and love secures with the mortar of memories." A validating piece that offers the only navigation of one's adversity-through. Sorrow's end is where we grow.