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Make Your Life Into a Giving, by Jaggi Vasudeva

FaceBook  On Dec 30, 2011 liz wessel wrote:

I truly enjoyed reading your reflection which has inspired me to live in this way of giving. I've written a reflection in response to your essay called, "How to Stay Glad" it is posted on the Journal of Sacred Work. If interested in reading go to:

Happy giving!



Giving Somebody Your Heart, by Anonymous

FaceBook  On Oct 12, 2011 ~liz wrote:

 It can be vulnerable to share from your heart, thanks for having the courage to speak from the depth of  despair. I am glad you are feeling better, grief comes in waves. May blessings return to you....abundantly.


Giving Somebody Your Heart, by Anonymous

FaceBook  On Oct 8, 2011 ~liz wrote:

 very encouraging and a simple truth worth living. Thank you!


Before You Know What Kindness Really Is, by Naomi Shihab Nye

FaceBook  On Apr 23, 2011 ~liz Sorensen Wessel wrote:

Nye's poem moved me deeply, yes...but to read such thoughtful, intellegent, heartfelt comments from readers enriched my experience and understanding immensely. A lovely gift of kindness. Thank you.