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The Difficult People In Your Life, by Sally Kempton

FaceBook  On Mar 20, 2018 Matt wrote:

 I took time many years ago to learn about my own shadows, I never really set out to do this specifically, in fact I was working with an Anger Management therapist who helped me understand why I reacted the way I did to different situations. I believe that for many people in the world the concept of thier own shadow is simply not understood and I believe that until you understand this becoming aware of your own energy is a very difficult challenge. Of course every journey is different, some people are naturally attuned but for me it took/takes a lot of work to be present enough to be aware of my own energy but when I am and when I notice it change during an interaction I can move from a place of reflection. The only real thing that helps me is meditation and mindfullness practices of which there are many but the once a day practice while helps is not enough, I have on my phone a bell that rings at 59 minutes past each hour to remind me to check in with myself and do a little breath work. 


From Being Driven To Being Drawn, by Richard Rohr

FaceBook  On Aug 16, 2017 matt perry wrote:

 Say yes to life takes courage from a place of acceptance that the universe is just right. My own experience is that even when I am not living presently and maybe caught up in a story of not enough that I can come back quickly to the realisation that all is OK that even the negative feelings I may have been experiencing were there as a lesson for me. Thanks for sharing the beautiful writing.


The Glass is Already Broken, by Stephen and Ondrea Levine

FaceBook  On Nov 1, 2016 Matt wrote:
I love this Buddhist concept of meditating on death,  I have done it on retreats before and very occasionaly at home and it is something I think I should bring into my practice more regularly. The reflection of the glass already broken is a useful one for me, it is a very simple way to describe the impermanence of everything. One thing I like about what Eckhart Tolle has to say about being present is Watching the Thinker - this means (as I understand it) that if we always have just a small amount of our being watching our thoughts we are in fact present. Namaste

Trees are Sanctuaries, by Herman Hesse

FaceBook  On Sep 20, 2016 Matt Perry wrote:

 This is a beautiful piece and very timely as I traveling to the Equadorian Cloud Forest on Thursday. I have always felt an affinity with trees, I love hugging them, I love leaning against them and meditating. I enjoy thinking about the concept of time when I engage with trees, I wonder what a tree would say if you asked it what time it was. Tomorrow is the UN World Peace Day and as part of my celebration I am planting 2 Olive Trees with the children I work with at our NGO I hope you all can share a moment tomorrow to celebrate this day.


The Value of Solitude, by William Deresiewicz

FaceBook  On May 17, 2016 Matt perry wrote:

 I find lack that spending no time alone - even if I am meditating to slowly produce a lot of unwanted noise in my body and I can become irritable, a simple walk in nature is often all it takes to enable me to loose the shackles of claustrophobia but real time alone away from all and in silence is a blessing that can re-charge my soul.