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Vulnerability is the Path, by Brene Brown

FaceBook  On Apr 5, 2016 Bhaavin Shah wrote:

 I recently took a penniless pilgrimage to the Himalayas all by myself on foot with a one-way ticket and no gadgets. That was one of the most vulnerable things I have done in my life. It left me with such insights and humbling experiences, that no amount of reading or meditation could have brought. In gratitude for the wonderful article :)


Blink of an Eye, by Malcolm Galdwell

FaceBook  On Aug 26, 2010 Bhaavin Shah wrote:

 When we take a decision after deliberation, there is no measure of the exact point when we should stop our deliberation. We typically stop our deliberation when we run out of time or are tired of deliberating. Both these approaches are as haphazard as instinctive or intuitive decision-making appears to be .. there is nothing so logical about logic actually.