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Fearlessness can Coexist with Fear, by Gil Fronsdal

FaceBook  On Feb 4, 2014 Raghu wrote:

 From my experience attachment contains fear in it. When insecurity arise within us fear start dominating. Best way to understand this concept in deep meditation those insecurity, attachment arises and also fear which you can understand and observing without any judgement those emotions evaporate and you feel fearlessness and over a practice of mindfullness and awareness fearlessness will be more.....


What You See Is What You Get, by Annie Dillard

FaceBook  On Jan 30, 2014 Raghu wrote:

 It is true and my experience says if you have positive thoughts you only get good things... seeing and getting is based on your thoughts. As long as your thoughts are pure, you bound to see good and you only get good.


Deep Inquiry: Not for the Faint of Heart, by Gangaji

FaceBook  On Jan 21, 2014 Raghuraman wrote:

 For me Deep inquiry is understanding who you are? when you enter in the process we find our craving and clinging and that creates a fear in us. If we can observe that without judging it slowly weakens and gives more insight of who you are and it leads to deep inquiry and it is a long journey and we can see division of mind knower and doer and we have to still the doer thus it leads to "releasing the constructed world while remaining conscious?"

"releasing the constructed world while remaining conscious?" - See more at:

Attachment is Habitual Thinking, by Miao Tsan

FaceBook  On Jan 16, 2014 Raghuraman wrote:

 I agree to the Dave comments. If you read the Gita or dhammapada it comes to the point attachment is misery and that leads to aversion. From my view best way to come out is understanding the attachment and be in awareness or mindfulness and let-go, kindness,gentle and patience those qualities to developed to come out of attachment ( Habitual Thinking).. 


Attachment is Habitual Thinking, by Miao Tsan

FaceBook  On Jan 15, 2014 Raghuraman wrote:

 It is true Attachment is more of suffering for me. It is like obsession and possessiveness. Best way to come out of this is during meditation those objects you attached will come during that time watch them and don't feed them, just witness them soon it passes away over a period of time it weakens and subsides. It is easy to say but needs more patience to come out that. To me only by deep meditation and observing and patience this can be taken out.


Lessons From 25 Years of Meditating, by Yogi Mccaw

FaceBook  On Apr 17, 2013 Raghuram wrote:

 It is true bringing the mind to natural state.... slowly a stage comes to go beyond mind ..... no-mind...
It is possible when we go to no-thought and you can able to see a gap between the thought and gradually gap increases and thought pattern reduces and a stage comes only you see gap and no-thought that takes to final stage..


Lessons From 25 Years of Meditating, by Yogi Mccaw

FaceBook  On Mar 1, 2013 Raghuram wrote:
 For me meditation is looking inside world and detaching outside world in your life and it is easy to say but needs lot's of practice and it is also true symptoms like knee getting trouble etc, that we should learn to judge and not to act or react, Also true that you are not doing meditation to achieve something but this practice gradually drives out all passion,greed and fear which buried inside you. which is very subtle and you cannot measure and it should not be measured to declare I have achieved something.  My journey is also about 20 years now and only thing I can say that good I started the journey.........