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Living With Radical Honesty, by Brad Blanton

FaceBook  On Sep 30, 2008 sivasandur wrote:
With the expectation of good tomorrows we started living in deep illution. Illution of hopes for better tomorrows, made us to wear the mask. it seems we cannot live with out self deception. To live our day today life we needs illution, dreams , and lies. we surrendered to our mind which never allow us to live in todays. Our mind has destroyed our life. It has spoiled all of our relationships ,

The Highest Spiritual Path, by Michael Singer

FaceBook  On Sep 30, 2008 sivasandur wrote:
Happiness or depressed is a habit, It is the same energy that becomes unhappiness or happiness; you just have to change your habit, your outlook, your attitude, your inner climate then the energy starts flowing into a new channel Instead of waiting or longing or searching for a reason to be happy, create for yourself a way to be happy. Something as simple as a smile can get you started, and that's something you can do right now. sivasandur