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The Lovely State of Observation, by Vimala Thakar

FaceBook  On Mar 23, 2010 santoshi wrote:

This is one very enlightening insight into the realm of meditation. When we meditate layer by layer our self starts getting resolved. The deeper we go into our being the calmer we become. Mind  at times deludes, but our focus should be on our heart. I could really gain a lot of knowledge through these mails. So keep meditating and sharing knowledge.Thankyou!


The Myth of Progress, by Les Kaye

FaceBook  On Dec 9, 2008 santoshi wrote:
Every hurdle gives us the courage to overcome it. In spiritual life progress means ability to handle life with double courage.As is said difficulty comes to check "how difficult we are".So I really feel that this article is aptly wrtten n is an inspirational one.