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The Committee of the Mind, by Thanissaro Bhikku

FaceBook  On Nov 22, 2013 Sanjay Mali wrote:

        I have a great experience about meditation. When I started it, for first 4 -5 days I just continued in confusion. Then a stage slowly began to arise when I started forgiving everybody ( ? ). Then I started praying for well being for those I respect and for those I hate. Then a stage came I was doing just nothing and time passed by. I was so fresh and energized after meditation that I remained always happy and worry-less.
    Only thing I wonder is how I stopped it ? Is that also a stage of mind enrichment ?


Why Do We Shout In Anger?, by Unknown

FaceBook  On Nov 12, 2013 Sanjay wrote:

 Its good as a lesson but totally wrong. Why do dogs bark? Isn't it strange to separate us from animals? Its a typical stage of disagreement 9in human ) or insecurity ( in animals ) ; its just an alarm to show the other side that it must close mouth before me..or I should update to next stage of attack..