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A Walk in the Rain, by Jeff Foster

FaceBook  On Mar 19, 2014 Ron Cortolezzis wrote:

 I thought I was a great Swimmer of Life and loved the water. Had all the tools and clothing that I needed. Then I found myself within some rough waters. I tried to stay afloat, and to survive. Out of fear, I knew how to fight the water. I was not in control anymore, but was at the mercy of the water. Then I was taken over by the water. The power, the force of it pushed me under. After a while I let go of the fight and surrendered to my upcoming Death. At that moment I felt a calm and just stop all movement. I was still. What I found was I lost no-thing and gained an ocean. Within this Ocean was Peace, Joy and Unconditional Love. As I resurfaced to my Daily Life, I found a 'Burning image' of the Ocean Within me, as a Anchor to my Truth forever. Now I can swim with a feeling of Grace for Life and Freedom of Being that moves me. "I can not lose what I am".


Your Life Cannot Go Wrong, by Jeff Foster

FaceBook  On Mar 19, 2014 Ron Cortolezzis wrote:

Expressing from where I am NOW .... Like you and everyone, I am, We are the Ocean, Vast, Infinite, Beyond Unconscious, Subconscious, Mental, Emotions, and the 'Separation' of Bodies. There is No-thing to 'Lose' or 'Gain' only to Allow, Surrender, Dissolve to Fall into. It is Knowing and the Allowance, I am Authentic, that I experience the Ocean. The Ocean Always Has been, Will be, Is. I have nothing to Lose. I just Am. For Me this is my key, my anchor (on a mental level)  to Authentic Living. Living now for me is about expressing my vastness for the Gratitude of Freedom and Love Eternal, the Service of Helping others to find/rediscover the Ocean, drink, party and swim in it. This is Our Divine Right. We are Divine.