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Creative Living, by Elizabeth Gilbert

FaceBook  On May 31, 2016 Ken Elkind wrote:

 We now can all find our creative lives by joining our global community drum circle.  You have to be, or have been a drummer to express joy in banging on a drum.  It's the instinct that allows us to join community drum events.  There is a reason we can all do this, and uniting all people musically on Earth,is our evolutionary duty. is the gateway site to gathering of our globe.


Get a Life, by Anna Quindlen

FaceBook  On Sep 26, 2014 Ken Elkind wrote:

 Music gives life meaning!  By creating it, it becomes something that can be loved around the world.  Simply playing a drum gives us intellectual, physical, & social strengths,  Gatherings of music makers has been loved by all cultures & societies. gives us all a chance to contribute some of our Groove energy to the global community.  Give your life some meaning, knowing that your (& your's alone) Groove energy , created the miracle that will occur, when enough people are Grooving, for a long enough period of time.


Unattainable Goal of Peace, by Aung San Suu Kyi

FaceBook  On Aug 7, 2012 Ken wrote:
 When humans all "surf" to and get entrained to The One Groove, by dancing drumming, praying, chanting, or.....?  we will have peace

Song of the Soul, by Kahlil Gibran

FaceBook  On Apr 10, 2012 Ken Elkind wrote:
everyone has a song in their soul!!  Here we're striving for a beautiful song.  if one goes to you can help create the global song. provides the One beat for your creation of song.  Know, & see, that others are grooving with you virtually.  Or have a drum circle with our global community!!