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A Scheme to Change the World?, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

FaceBook  On Mar 1, 2017 Rajni Gohil wrote:

 Individual is a part of the  world.  Ego, or else, everyone thinks their own way.  No matter how nicely  we explain them, they mostly stay stand still. It is not practical to change the world. But if we change, people will inquire about secret of our change and they too apply the "secret"  I  revealed to them. They to change and reveal secret to others when asked.  And this process goes on and on till the whole world changes for  better. 


Do we Use Thought, or Does Thought Use us?, by Dada

FaceBook  On Nov 26, 2013 Rajni Gohil wrote:

 I have read a lot of power of positive thinking books and articles. And in daily life I see many things happening as i have thought. 

Sanskrit scriptures say  "Manomulam idam Jagat" e. i. Our whole world is a reflection of our thought.  in other words , we creative our own world, by thinking. 

To me intuitive intelligence is  like God sending us warnings or inspirations.  Full faith in God and acting accordingly leads us to higher plane in spirituality. 


Art And The Practice Of Being Yourself, by Stanley Kunitz

FaceBook  On Nov 26, 2013 Rajni Gohil wrote:

 This is a life changing article everyone should read.  By practicing a life suggested, one can change the world, first changing oneself.  It is very difficult to describe the feelings I have, for this article is a  priceless gem.