Waking up to Wisdom
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Small Graces, by Kent Neburn

FaceBook  On Dec 5, 2017 Manuel Castrillo wrote:

 Every day I wake up giving thanks for waking up. I have learned to accept things as they come, not question but confront, with faith and patience, with courage and hope. And also to enjoy and be happy with the little things, with the "Instants" that we sometimes go unnoticed! The day is full of those moments, moments that can take us through infinite paths of well-being and Light.


Death is Life's Door, by Paul Fleischman

FaceBook  On Oct 27, 2015 Manuel Castrillo wrote:

 All are cycles, life and death are human notions of existence, transmutes the physical and the spiritual, the soul manifests itself in different stages. Enjoy and bring in peace and harmony, is the task at the moment of our existence, beyond traveling in different places, that's all.
Manuel Castrillo


Conscious Simplicity, by Duane Elgin

FaceBook  On Oct 21, 2014 Manuel Castrillo wrote:

 Simplicity is relative .... what I do and earn simple can be complex to another .... the feel with the fluidity and the condition of living our life without complications, and harmonically unrelated to conditioning factors that limit us our powers, the enjoy something simple .... we will be simple as far how we perceive our actions and the pace of our life ..