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You Are Saved By Your Love, by Michael Damian

FaceBook  On Jan 30, 2018 Pravin Shah wrote:

 When I stop thinking (no future, no past), and 'being' in the present, I reach within, where there is no pain, no sorrow! Only peace and joy. Only Love, which has no opposite. It is your true self, the Atma. Love is one of the portals through which this liberation is possible.


Spiritual Activism, by Michael Singer

FaceBook  On Jan 30, 2018 Pravin Shah wrote:

 For my simplistic mind, Spiritual Activism means always being in touch with your inner self and reacting to any nonconformity with love and respect. This reaction will be very positive and effective, without any bitterness or anger.


What You Missed That Day You Were Absent From Fourth Grade, by Brad Aaron Modlin

FaceBook  On Dec 14, 2017 Pravin Shah wrote:

 'I am' my True Self, ounce of the Divine! I feel Love and Wholesome. I get there by 'no mind', 'no thoughts', by being 'here and now'! Namaste.


Laziness As Our Personal Teacher, by Pema Chodron

FaceBook  On Nov 22, 2017 Pravin Shah wrote:
Until recently, the word Laziness had a negative meaning for me like 'Procrastination', 'Coward', 'Loser' etc! But now, it has become my best friend. It is like a deliberate 'pause' in otherwise mostly 'unconscious' living! It is like a brief unscheduled Meditation moment. I love it. When I come out of 'Laziness', I am energized. Thanks.