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The False Duality Between "Job" And "Service", by Zilong Wang

FaceBook  On Jul 11, 2017 Margaret wrote:

But when we are in the "paid in dollars" service economy, I ask that we use that "status" to bring awareness to the fact that (for far too long now) we have been pretending to ourselves that this is the only work force that matters--that worth is equatable with the size of a paycheck and the commercial prestige of a job title.  Consequently, we have come to hold MBA's in higher esteem than social workers, and (if they're lucky enough to be employed) social workers as more prestigious than unpaid parents or caregivers to the elderly.  Thanks to unfettered capitalism, the market economy has been usurping the values of human community--and wreaking havoc on our relationships with each other and with the planet.   The contributions that are Truly made when we recognize that caring and nurturing have been vastly undervalued (especially in the last couple decades) and now need deep & sincere recognition  are perhaps beyond our wildest dreams.  But as Charles Eisenstein says, this is the coming world that our hearts know is  possible.  If you haven't read his recent book , "The More Beautiful Wirld Thst Our Hearts Know is Possible", please do.🙏🏼


Mighty in Contradiction: Love Powerfully, by Patty De Llosa

FaceBook  On Mar 28, 2012 Margaret wrote:
 To me,the opposite of love is ego, the false self.  Power as I see it, is that feeling we get from time to time when we are one with our sense of Source, and realize that everyone else has freedom to connect with this Universal Source too.  And the fact that from time to time I or any of us pinches ourselves off from Source, It never leaves us, we may just be temporarily turned away from It.   The false self, ego, is that foolish part of us that believes scarcity predominates, that this lifetime is the end all and be all.  When we are forgetting that well-being is the basis of the canvass we're creating on, we behave in some ugly ways.  Then we mistake our power with the need to grasp control and manipulate circumstances.  But while I believe that Love has an essence of humility about it, It rightly knows itself as the true and perennial Power that governs the Universe.  How to tap in?  Begin by slowing down the chatter of our thoughts, plans, recollections.  Get quiet, and then notice--when the moment feels calmer, better, that you yourself have tapped in a bit.  With this realization, that by simply focusing on a slowing down, a reaching for slight improvement of our feeling, we have achieved it, we begin to notice our power is an aspect of The Power we can tap into.  It may be that the deliberate effort to relax into incremental levels of "faith", is how we learn unconditional Love.  There is no need for judgment when we're out of alignment with Source, for though we certainly don't like the feeling, the contrast of uncomfortable feelings, even pain, provides us with the impetus to close the gap, i.e. rejoin with Source.  It is this closing of the gap that is our Joy, our Power, and the reason life is eternal beyond our own physical lifetime.