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Man's Most Important Mistake, by G. I. Gurdjieff

FaceBook  On Jun 30, 2015 Germán wrote:

To me, the real I, is the one that longs for a more conscious experience; the one that suddenly realizes, that the "I" that just reacted to a certain stimuli, did it as a result of a given conditioning. That realization, all of a sudden, offers an option, and that option can take the real I, out of the loop.


A Question of Story, by Thomas Berry

FaceBook  On Mar 24, 2015 Germán wrote:

 My (old) story of the universe was never mine, it shaped my fears and my dreams, and possibly my path to a certain degree. I was told that story and it has taken many years to realize, that I do not have yet a story of mine. As I reinvent myself, unlinking from all those beliefs, a new paradigm has emerged, sometimes full of clarity, sometimes mostly awe, and always full of mystery and reverence. I can not say I know the new story, the one experienced by me; I don't sense I've been able to fully apprehend it. But that does not prevent me from having the certainty that I am in the process of knowing myself, and, by extension, everything else I need to know.