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The False Duality Between "Job" And "Service", by Zilong Wang

FaceBook  On Jul 10, 2017 Mahesh Shah wrote:

 The word 'detachment'  as  explained in vedas and Geeta does never mean running away from one and all. It is merely mental attitude of dis=possession , knowing fully well that nothing (or nobody) here belongs to me. Geeta says "yogah karmashu kaushalam" doing your work (whatever you are doing) dexterously is in itself 'YOGA' We can very well do serve people  while doing a (paid) job, similarly, there are many who convert their 'service' into an earning enterprise.  In essence, we have to perform well, to the best of our ability in our job or even in our own enterprise and if we do so honestly we are doing a good service.  


The Fish on the Camel, by Gail Gustafson

FaceBook  On Jun 9, 2014 Mahesh Shah wrote:

 Yes, 'fish on the camel' feeling i.e. feeling of discomfiture can only lead to seeking and finding the true meaning. 
A similar anecdote from India talks about a teacher pushing his disciple's head beneath water level in a pond and then telling him that the anxiety & urgency with which you desperately wanted to come out can only lead to realization.


Why Do We Shout In Anger?, by Unknown

FaceBook  On Nov 13, 2013 Mahesh Shah wrote:

 Why we shout in anger?
Anger is generated when one's ego is hurt in one way or the other. 'How can he/she do this to me?' where 'ME' is quite quite BIG. When my ego is hurt I feel it necessary to raise my voice to satisfy my ego and to let the other person 'Who am I?' it is my weakness that makes me shout.