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Witnessing: A Form of Compassion, by James O'dea

FaceBook  On Mar 13, 2007 Greg wrote:
One of the most compassionate, powerful and empowering things we can do for our brothers and sisters is to simply and quietly bear witness difficulties of their lives.

Divided You Suffer, United You Dance, by Osho

FaceBook  On Dec 5, 2006 Greg wrote:
This is extremely compelling piece, and I'm interested in te disagreements with it. What makes this more interesting is that the writer, Osho, is also known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the Rolls Royce guru. I have always found Osho's writings and philosophy very powerful, yet I have always been troubled by his seeming fall from grace as well as the criminality of some of his disciples.

To Transcend: Observe Cause and Effect, by Dan Millman

FaceBook  On Jul 11, 2006 Greg wrote:
I agree with Anona that we are responsible for our own thoughts. That we can shape and choose positive ones and therefore have positive emotions and actions. And I agree with Dan Millman that thoughts "enter our mind and flow out and the emotions that pass like the weather." You can control them. You can overcontrol them. You can under control them. And they often have a mind of their own!