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Element of Surprise, by Margaret Wheatley

FaceBook  On Nov 11, 2013 Linnie wrote:

 The children who have to walk out on the road like this always do worry me - they have to compete with the traffic instead of using the pedestrian footpath because there is no way round - and there was no way for me BUT to go back and use the road - wheelchairs don't take to bumping down kerbs kindly!  And I once did write a note to someone to put on their windscreen -  but then I could not reach it!  That did make me laugh at myself, always a healthy thing!


Element of Surprise, by Margaret Wheatley

FaceBook  On Nov 10, 2013 Linnie wrote:

 The car parked across the footpath and into the driveway made it impossible for my wheelchair to pass using the pavement.  I called and called, but no one came, so I turned round and went back down the block to the corner where I could exit the pavement onto the road, and rolled up along the road, something I hate doing in the wheelchair.  As I passed the house that had left its vehicle so rudely across the pavement a huge drop of rain fell onto my glasses.  Momentarily furious, I shouted at the house as I passed - then was suddenly overwhelmed with joy:  for the rain, for the road, for the ease of my rolling wheels - how lucky I am, how fortunate to have all this and the senses to love it all -