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Tale of the Journeying Stream, by Sufi Parable

FaceBook  On Jan 22, 2007 Rekha wrote:
AHO!! Niranjano... I am the stream!!

Cultivating Affirmation, by Patricia Ryan Madson

FaceBook  On Dec 19, 2006 Rekha wrote:
Aha!! It is a beautiful wrting and so true!! 5 years back I took a Meditation course and one thing which became my experience is the 'power of the Yes mind'. To be able to accept every situation in life 100%, to accept the person infront of you 100%, to accept the ideas & opinions of the someone 100% ... to let things flow ... It is not a passive YES mind (whatever happens let it happen kind of one) but one which is Active & full of vigour & enthusiasm, a mind which is not merely a spectator but a participant in the Flow. And that Yes mind has so much power. One of the toughest things for me always have been to say 'no'. but it was not from a space of strength. And now one of the easiest things for me to say is 'Yes' - it is my freedom. The whole perspective changed!!

When Death Comes, by Mary Oliver

FaceBook  On Oct 4, 2006 Rekha wrote:
I loved it and it was as though someone spoke my heart out aloud!! Life is a wonder every moment, and I will live it every moment ... My only prayer to the universe is to bring me back again & again to the present moment ... Let me not falter from the now and live it fully & completely so that when the groom is here, I am ever ready... waiting every moment to leave .... and yet enjoying the stay now to the fullest ...