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A Portrait in Patience, by Pavithra Mehta

FaceBook  On Jun 29, 2010 Nikki wrote:

Just beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to open my day with such inspiring thought ...  Indeed patience is what I appreciate mostly about my meditation practice and what most folks in a society who puts urgency first could benefit from in our world.  


The Fallacy of Togetherness, by Osho

FaceBook  On Jun 16, 2010 Nikki wrote:

mmm... I wonder what it was in my words that made you think I advocate a spiritual leader who talks in the spirit of truth but walks in darkness and misleads others? I myself have never been a fan... Life led in the spirit of personal example is essential from just about anyone, especially someone who has a strong effect on so many people, like a spiritual leader.   

Perhaps we should return to a discussion we had recently about the difference between being judicious and judgmental. Of course it is necessary to make the distinction between ones who are on the path with you and ones who are not, but it's a whole'nother business to call them fools and disregard their company. That only encourages separation and the idea of superiority, which leads us back to a dualistic world and away from oneness.