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Maybe, Said the Farmer, by Author Unknown

FaceBook  On Aug 25, 2018 stevena ngelina wrote:

 This is the only audio that I was looking to get some more information on but it isn't helping me the way I wanted. I need to know about it to work on it.


The Difference Between Natural and Unnatural, by Masanobu Fukuoka

FaceBook  On Aug 8, 2018 Trace Ali wrote:

 Beautiful content, Nature is indeed beautiful and reading all about the natural and unnatural is quite whelming too, I would love to get one of my essay uk written about how important it is to live naturally, Keep sharing more information


One Has No Self To Love, by Alan Watts

FaceBook  On Oct 11, 2017 Matthew John Thomas wrote:

  Nonetheless it's still a great article for introspection and growth of awareness. Thank you Alan!


The Gentle Art of Blessing, by Pierre Pradervand

FaceBook  On Jul 30, 2017 Matthew Lily wrote:

  Please let me know whether this book is available for download on kindle 


Cleaning the Window, by Ajahn Sumedho

FaceBook  On Apr 26, 2017 Matthew Lily wrote:

 . Out of kindness and wisdom we allow things to take their natural course to cessation, rather that just keep them going round in the same old cycles of habit.