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We Are What We Choose to Be, by Dawna Markova

FaceBook  On Oct 11, 2015 catherine wrote:

 i wonder if my vision, my feeling of "free to have or free to be " is not linked to my age... at a time, wisdom comes from experience. free to have has no more meaning for me except non attachment, "lâcher prise", and free to be is to let ourselves being with our true nature, to let love flourish from our heart, to feel confident in what is happening right now, and welcome it as it is, as a gift.. even with life's challenges there is always a way to cope with them when love and trust and joy are the fuel of our life..


Our Environment Is An Integrated Whole, by Ganoba

FaceBook  On Jan 18, 2015 Catherine Peyreaud wrote:

 when I was in the middle of a tropical and primary forest with the chief of an indigenous community showing me the interconnection between each plant, flowers, fruits, animals, insects, and trees and the impact of the moon, the sun, the rain,etc..I realized how much I was part of a whole, that I couldn't live without the Nature, I felt totally in fusion with the Universe... such an abondance of wealth!! what else do I need?... this experience helps me quite a lot to remain aware of the "present moment", to "savor" the moment, to thank the Divine for its generosity. It makes me feel happy also gives me strength to pursue my modest daily acts to be the change I wish to see in the paying more attention to others needs, by diving more and more into gift economy...and I receive so much, so much love....