Waking up to Wisdom
In Stillness and Community

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Purpose of Life, by Neal Donald Walsch

FaceBook  On Dec 26, 2006 nardine wrote:
Oh, so beautifully said. Your beauty is reflected in light.

Riding the Crest of the Unknown, by Dada

FaceBook  On Dec 26, 2006 nardine wrote:
Your words so eloquent... 'your inner sanctuary a new pulse of sensitivity: uncommitted aloof energy' ...the open chanel for bliss in God's light to unfold!

Investigating Untrue Thoughts, by Byron Katie

FaceBook  On Dec 26, 2006 nardine wrote:
So beautifully spoken; expressing the process of being.

Your Job -- A Manifestation of Your Spirit, by Ric Giardina

FaceBook  On Nov 15, 2006 Nardine wrote:
Well said Ric! I so enjoy living 'on the edge' in my work, ever present to the good I may bring in 'every now'. Yet have never so consciously claimed my right to live/move from job to job, simply because that is where my 'work' took me. All my 'movement' is spirit in action. Having just read Nov 14, The Blooming of the Offering Within You, I know my every now is blooming blessed!