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Elephant in the Rock, by Eknath Easwaran

FaceBook  On Jul 13, 2009 BK Vinay wrote:

These small stories mean more than mere advice or tips. You have really done a good job. May many more come through this medium so that people can come out with collector's collection.


Going Beyond Hope and Fear, by Meg Wheatley

FaceBook  On Apr 16, 2009 BK Vinay Pandya wrote:

As a matter of fact and as one saying goes : Whatever happens, happens only one way, and thats the Right way. This removes all our illusions about happenings around us. What we need to know is the significance of that particular happening for us. We need to interpret and link it to the next happening and the successive happenings.

A child, succing from mother's breast, starts crying when the mother attempts to change the child's mouth from the emptied breast to the full breast. Actually, the child looks to the present loss and hence starts crying. We as individuals and adults, need not behave like that. We need to become mature enough to understant the transitory nature of all happenings within us and around us.