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A Scheme to Change the World?, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

FaceBook  On Mar 6, 2017 Dianne wrote:

I often think of people I have known who are doom and gloom. Nothing positive do they ever see. It has become a self-professng prophecy for them. When I surround myself  with positive thoughts and people my life is so much better in the way I see everything.


Force of Kindness, by Sharon Shalzberg

FaceBook  On Apr 28, 2015 Dianne wrote:

kindness has become apart of me.It is how I treat every day I am out in public. I try to engage others in conversation or just with a smile. I believe God has helped me find a purpose. I get so much in return.


True Meditation Has No Direction, by Adyashanti

FaceBook  On Aug 20, 2013 Dianne wrote:

 I remember being at  a transcendental meditation seminar with 35 others "strangers" sitting around the table together. We were asked to meditate and during my meditation I was unaware of the presence of anyone else until I opened my eyes. Thoughts  come and go randomly at first  and then there is the silence.  It is wonderful.