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How Can You Live In This World And Yet Be Innocent?, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On Nov 22, 2019 Bansi Pandya wrote:
What does being innocent mean to you? Just living.
Can you share a personal story of a time you really lived by being innocent? If I try to share a personal story then living is no more that would destroythe living. I have to explain an apparent story in words that is my mind created story in sequential time in subject-object relation. JK has said "Don't try to get it. It is not the word." It is a mutation of mind (Me) or individuality based on past experiences.
What helps you be a human of innocence? When "Me" is not there than living only happens it is functioning of that energy or consciousness. Energy doesn't need any help.

Beyond Content Of Thought, by Ram Dass

FaceBook  On Sep 19, 2017 Bansi Pandya wrote:

 Structure of Thought: Thought has created the center as permanent entity and it attributes its origin and truth to itself. It also attributes perception as perceiver and feelings to it like me and mine executive hold everything together; if center falls apart then my world is also falls apart (my world is my experiences, knowledge). If there is total perception then thought has no place and perception is action in Now. 
The self cannot act. So when I say “I sleep” or “I grow” or “I breathe” I need to be aware of the incoherence inherent in language which makes me believe that the self grows or sleeps or breathes.

We are a product of thought (individual and collective). If we are more than thought we will not discover that with thought. This thought has to end for that understanding beyond thought to happen in Unitary Perception.