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My Misgivings About Advice, by Parker Palmer

FaceBook  On Jan 24, 2017 Jaye wrote:

 I happen to be one of those people who others like to bare their souls to...I don't know why but you know what I mean. This has happened to me since forever...even when young. I learned through the years, and there are many, that people really just want you to listen to them. The author of this article is right! I don't ask question; I just give the occasional "hmmmm" or "well" or "ohhhh". Only if they exactly say..."what do you think I should do?" Do I ever attempt to advise. And then nothing too specific...oh, there have been times when someone was in great need but then I would direct them to someone much more qualified to help than I! 


A Strange Predicament, by Pavithra Mehta

FaceBook  On Dec 24, 2016 Jay wrote:

A Haiku on Who I Am 

 I am a part of
All that is in existence...
Past, now, and future.