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How Can You Live In This World And Yet Be Innocent?, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On Nov 26, 2019 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Living in gratitude is being innocent. It's a catalyst for shedding ego, naturally invoking our child-like spirit and be humble to realize our dependency on others and the existence, thereby requesting any help with ease.

Monet Refuses The Operation, by Lisel Mueller

FaceBook  On Oct 15, 2019 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Space (prefer to call it Aakash) pervades all through, being present in seen material objects, unseen stuff, and non-visible entities. Touch it, feel it from the space within us and we get connected with oneness with the universe. I like this quote - "Even when I just pluck a flower, the remotest star is disturbed!"

Zen Of Archery, by James Clear

FaceBook  On Oct 9, 2019 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
I was reminded of the story when Dronacharya was testing his students in archary. Having perched a small bird on a tree, the task was to hit it from some distance away. Before allowing the student to shoot he would ask "What do you see?". The replies varied from seeing multiple things like the bird, the branch, the tree, the sky etc.. Arjun's reply was "I see only the bird" Only he was permitted to shoot and he did pass the test. There was a rejoinder to the same story, whence Karna (another notable archer) was asked: "What do you see when you try to shoot a target?" His reply was: "I do not see anything. I feel that I am the arrow and moving towards the target !"

My Neighbor's Corn, by Naren Kini

FaceBook  On Oct 1, 2019 Anilkumar Pandit wrote:
Reflection truly is getting back whatever we transmit. Be it the corn pollens, our image from a mirror, or our thoughts projected to existance. Goodness begets happiness and that's goodness.

Unconditioned Stillness, by Rick Hanson

FaceBook  On Jun 8, 2019 Anil Pandit wrote:
While doing a 'Jaapa', everytime the same mantra is repeated, the 'repeat' happens on its own and without any thoughtful intervention. During the minute time interval of transition, the mind experiences stillness. In the practice of multiple jaapa, there is accumulation (integration) of these time intervals, which can be felt / sensed / cherished !