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Letter to My Grandson, by Daniel Gottlieb

FaceBook  On Dec 5, 2011 Ashok Vaishnav wrote:

The sense of memory is as much a bane as it is boon to the human beings.

As one moves ahead in the life, one has to keep on making one's cup empty enough to keep on receeving.

What we empty out, may be very dear to us, and hence may leave pain of having to leave it.

But, the memory comes a boon here. One can recall such 'dear moments' of the past and can relieve the pains of the present.

The article has so aptly ended on the note that you may have any types of emotions for the event that has happened or happening or is to happen, but that does not make any impact of the evenet as such. So, why not recall Steven Covey's '90:10 Principle' - "You really do not have any control over 10% of what happens. The other 90% was determined by your reaction."


Living With a Rebel Within, by Dzogchen Ponlop

FaceBook  On Sep 19, 2011 Ashok Vaishnav wrote:

 The practicioners of "life beyond' strongly recommend lstening to the voice of subconcious mind, something akin to what happens we are in deep sleep. 

They say that many a times our 'conscious' mind is at the cross purpose with our 'subconscious' mind. 

The great artful skill [maturity  / wisdom?!] lies in ability to choose the RIGHT one, before 'we're inspired [into] to take action'.

Certainly, one must have a REBEL WITHIN which will always provide the whrewithal for maintianing one's inner soul and external worldly wisdom on an always-upwardly direction so as to result in the ULTIMATE happiness at any given point of time.