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Humility Really Cannot be Considered a Virtue, by Swami Dayananda Saraswati

FaceBook  On Oct 5, 2015 victoria koruna kaur wrote:

 I believe and have practically experienced that although the somewhat abstract concept here appears attractive in a spacey way, for want of a better word, the general consciousness of man is this age is greatly attracted to definitive feelings of superiority due to outer accomplishments or what appears less in another. It is a toxic disease as described in the scriptures, capable of insidiously clamping upon us, even subconsciously. If one honors ancient eastern scriptures, and even bible, all efforts must be honored to cling to humility as a virtue to weed out selfish samskaras. One will eventually encounter events requiring great humility on a grand scale if one is sincerely surrendered to the divine each moment, there is no I to say ' I am not in the I.'  A deep realization of mastery must be reached for true realization, simply remembering existence in the moment will not achieve eradication of creating more karma due to selfishness or feeling higher judging another as in ego, This is reality in the material world. The observation described here is an abstract possibility of mind, without acknowledging the low or base harm of human nature in our pressured culture. Humility is a beautiful and time honored virtue of the ancients.


The Place That is Free of Suffering, by Eckhart Tolle

FaceBook  On Oct 7, 2014 Jack Taylor wrote:

 Quite interesting expressions exemplifying the reason why tolle is found confusing and maze like by so many erudite experienced practicing readers, he extracts pre written adages scriptures of Advaita Vedanta, and other modern genuine authors and dilutes them with modern pop accepted contradictory personal views that are originally advised against, such as moral ambiguity,  leaving an artificial version of his own, originating in his suicidal depression, a
Superficial unfulfilling projected emptiness that is devoid of the genuine spiritual experience which is an unspeakable joy. As subad Ingrid wrote, he often  aligns depressed semi sociopathy and apathy with spirituality, never done in the east where it originates traditionally, in order to be user friendly. In balance, consider when a famous multi millionaire of personally owned accomplished melded works accrediting his suicidal  depression with wisdom speaks of non accomplishment encouraging non productivity as spiritual, the wild irrationality of it taints the beauty of the true nectar of our true self, the source of flooding beauty into the world as rumi, and those who truly experienced stillness as love have always discovered. To balance the perspective, explore the more lucid origin of eckarts, or his birth name of origin, works in eastern scriptures from original masters who describe the ecstasy of fulfillment that floods over and through us, creatively.


The Place That is Free of Suffering, by Eckhart Tolle

FaceBook  On Oct 6, 2014 Jack taylor wrote:

 This is a mutated and rather confused version of Advaita Vedanta. It is misunderstood. The purpose of the world is burning off karma and finding the joy of your true self the supreme in it, giving joy back not to be lost.


Lessons From 25 Years of Meditating, by Yogi Mccaw

FaceBook  On Feb 27, 2013 Christn worthinton wrote:
Blessings. As a meditation guide I humbly object to this single faith orientation to meditation, summarizing this ancient rich tradition, and yes religion, in a modern only zen-like or budd. or non dual generalization. Hinduism in original Vedanta and more familiar yogananda, etc. stress meditation as having an exquisite goal of deeper intimacy in relation with god, feeling his love, chanting god, god, or chanting the names krishna, etc.until bliss state is reached. While your orientation is respected, please include the historical and sociological fact that most of the eastern world does not teach meditation from this view of semi extensional ism..I.e. there is a goal until all goals are utter bliss divine bursting into God. Thank you for sharing.