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The Power of Here

--by Bill Plotkin (Feb 06, 2012)

Wisdom traditions worldwide say there's no greater blessing than to live the life of your soul, the source of your deepest personal fulfillment and of your greatest service to others. It's what you were born for. It’s the locus of authentic personal power – not power over people and things, but rather the power of partnership with others, the power to cocreate life and to cooperate with an evolving universe.

Before you find your ultimate place, you are, in a sense, lost. You have a particular destiny but don’t know what it is. It’s like being lost in a forest...[…] You can begin or deepen your relationship to soul in the same way the poet advises you to commune with the forest. None of the nonhumans in the forest – or the world, more generally – are lost. Each one is precisely in its true place, and each one knows every place in the forest as a unique place. They are doing something you do not yet know how to do. You could apprentice yourself to them. The forest, the world, knows where you are and who you are. You must let it find you.

lf you don't yet have conscious knowledge of your soul, you haven’t yet learned the power of place – or the power of Here. To acquire this power, which is the goal in the first half of the Wheel of Life, you must first get to know more thoroughly the place in life you already inhabit. This place consists of your relationships and roles in both society and nature. This is the place in which you are lost, in which you find yourself to be, and from which you can, eventually, find your self. […]

Your soul is your true home. ln the moment you finally arrive in this psycho-ecological niche, you feel fully available and present to the world, unlost. This particular place is profoundly familiar to you, more so than any geographical location or any mere dwelling has ever been or could be. You know immediately that this is the source, the marrow, of your true belonging. This is the identity no one could ever take from you. Inhabiting this place does not depend on having anyone else’s permission or approval or presence. It does not require having a particular job – or any at all. You can be neither hired for it nor fired from it. Acting from this place aligns you with your surest personal powers (your soul powers), your powers of nurturing, transforming, creating; your powers of presence and wonder.

The first time you consciously inhabit your ultimate place and act from your soul is the first time you can say, "Here" and really know what it means. You've arrived, at last, at your own center. As long as you stay Here, everywhere you go, geographically or socially, feels like home. Every place becomes Here.

This is the power of place, the power of Here.

Before soul initiation, wherever you go, there you are. After soul initiation, wherever you go, Here you are. 

-- Bill Plotkin in Nature and the Human Soul

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On Feb 4, 2012 Conrad P. Pritscher wrote:

 Thank you Somik.  Plotkin is excellent.  I notice myself not having ever arrived, but continually arriving.
The continually arriving leaves me both knowing that I am here while simultaneously not knowing.
I've been most impressed with reading someone saying that when you have arrived, you realize that you never left. This same writer said when an ordinary person becomes enlightened, he or she becomes sage.  When the sage becomes enlightened, he or she becomes an ordinary person.  That writer, of course, was referring to the process of being enlightened is no different from the process of ordinary living.  I also found it interesting to hear someone say if you want to know where you should be, look at your feet. If one wants to be a tool of peace, where there is hatred, one can bring love.  Where there is injury, one can bring pardon.  Where there is darkness, one can bring light.  Where there is sadness one can bring joy.  A peaceful person consoles rather than seeks to be consoled.  He or she loves rather than seeks to be loved.  A peaceful person realizes that it is in giving that one receives,as Francis from Assisi said. When you are peaceful person you are "here." Warm and kind regards to everyone.

On Feb 4, 2012 Derek wrote:
Why do so many find the their soul's path early in life? Why do some have to struggle years to find it? And then there are those who never fulfill their true purpose in this lifetime. That's one of the great mysteries of life.

I love Bill's analogy of seeing how plant and animal life know exactly their role and place in the world. Why is it that so many of us humans can't? Nature... that integral part of our lives... that we sometimes take for granted.... holds the answer. Let us all remember that. 

Thank you

On Feb 5, 2012 David Doane wrote:
The moments of being present, here and now, are the best in life.  As for the "power of here," what it means to me is the power of the fullness of aliveness, which power may be limitless.  I hope I find out.

On Feb 6, 2012 Thierry wrote:
In my experience, some of us start off in life with little awareness of their 'soul' s deepest desire. As a youngster one is subject to such pressures and influences from the world that one finds oneself lost, ignorant that what is truly at stake is one's own as well as the community's destiny. As one matures one's soul may find proper guidance but the beginnings, as always, are crucial. Life is short. As long as the focus, in education, is mainly to adapt the individual to society a person's potential to contribute creatively to the community while being happy to do so is greatly diminished. 
' Neglect of the role of the individual with resulting overemphasis on the social, may well be one of the fundamental difficulties in the way the human race handles its mind', says P.W. Bridgman in 'From the Way Things Are'.

On Feb 7, 2012 TANNAZ wrote:

On Feb 7, 2012 malinda wrote:
 Bill Plotkin's "Soul Craft" is a gorgeous book!! Psychotherapeutic vision questing guide extraordinaire :)

On Feb 9, 2012 Dinesh Mehta wrote:

Audio clips from this week's circle of sharing ...

On Feb 11, 2012 Yancy Caruthers wrote:
 We tend to spend much time trying to figure out where we should be, and little understanding where we are.

On Feb 12, 2012 Sherry wrote:
 So true, Yancy. Plotkin really brings that home with the help of Nature.

On Aug 18, 2012 Diana Daffner, Intimacy Retreats wrote:
The body is always "here" and when we shift our attention to the body, it becomes a doorway to the soul.