Waking up to Wisdom
In Stillness and Community

Love Your Path

--by Paolo Coelho (May 26, 2008)

1. The path begins at a crossroads. There you can stop and think what direction you want to take. But don’t spend too much time thinking or you’ll never leave the spot. Ask yourself the classic Carlos Castaneda question: Which of these paths has a heart? (…)

2. The path doesn’t last forever. It’s a blessing to travel the path for some time, but one day it will come to an end, so be prepared to take leave of it at any moment. (…)

3. Honor your path. It was your choice, your decision, and just as you respect the ground you step on, that ground will respect your feet. Always do what’s best to conserve and keep your path and it will do the same for you.

4. Be well-equipped. Carry a small rake, a spade, a penknife. Understand that penknives are no use for dry leaves, and rakes are useless for herbs that are deep-rooted. Know what tool to use at each moment. And take care of your tools, because they’re your best allies.

5. The path goes forward and backward. At times you have to go back because something was lost, or a message to be delivered was forgotten in your pocket. A well tended path enables you to go back without any great problem.

6. Take care of the path before you take care of what’s around you. Attention and concentration are fundamental. Don’t be distracted by the dry leaves at the edges. Use your energy to tend and conserve the ground that accepts your steps.

7. Be patient. Sometimes the same tasks have to be repeated, like tearing up weeds or closing holes that appear after unexpected rain. Don’t let that annoy you; it’s part of the journey. Even though you’re tired, even though certain tasks are repeated so often, be patient.

8. Paths cross. People can tell you what the weather is like elsewhere. Listen to advice, but make your own decisions. You’re responsible for the path entrusted to you.

9. Nature follows its own rules. You have to be prepared for sudden changes in the fall, slippery ice in winter, the temptations of flowers in spring, thirst and showers in the summer. Make the most of each of these seasons, and don’t complain about their characteristics.

10. Make your path a mirror of yourself. By no means let yourself be influenced by the way others care for their paths. You have your own soul to listen to, and the birds to whisper translations of what your soul is saying. (…)

11. Love your path. Without this, nothing makes any sense.

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On May 27, 2008 wrote:
great & soul searching

On May 27, 2008 Dr.Ankur wrote:
its very touching dear, exactly teaching the lesson of life in a beautiful way

On May 27, 2008 Barbara wrote:
Writing from Johannesburg South Africa, just to extend gratitude and appreciation for the very wonderful job you do in selecting beautifully reflective pieces for us all to enjoy. Heartfelt thanks and keep up the fantastic work you do to enliven and enrich our individual and collective consciousnessness. Greetings from South Africa.

On May 27, 2008 Alana wrote:
These writings are so touching, you have brought tears to my eyes it's as if you are speaking to me only. Your writings are always appreciated by me forever.

On May 27, 2008 Carol Beth wrote:
Beautifully written guidance to remind me that my focus is more important than the direction. To trust and to learn from my steps, whichever direction they go, will help me to learn from this life. Thank you.

On May 27, 2008 Claire wrote:
This is nice. I hope you like it.


On May 27, 2008 Debra wrote:
Debra, I just want to share this message with you.


On May 27, 2008 Conrad wrote:
What you sne dnipun contiues to inspire me. Thanks much,

On May 27, 2008 Darcie wrote:
So poignant. What a beautiful, caring world we have the ability to create. Thank you for sharing.

On May 27, 2008 brvhrt wrote:
We still try to find the path when Jesus said that He is The Way, The Truth and The Life. No one can reach our Father in Heaven except through Jesus Christ. No soul who walked on earth claimed to be The Way or The Truth and we will find rest only in The Way/Path.

Praying that all my beloved brothers and sisters here find the ABSOLUTE path and not find truth in RELATIVITY.

On May 27, 2008 Archana wrote:
Its very much close to my heart and life i appreciate the idea of auhtor.

On May 28, 2008 g k agrawal wrote:
A very beautiful way of expressing that we are responsible to select our own path of life journey and we should follow the path what our inner conscious says

On May 29, 2008 NIDHI wrote:
very touching. only if we all learn to live like this.... so happy and peaceful our souls would be...

thanks a ton..

On Jun 3, 2008 unknown wrote:
I real like your writing it is very powerful. It touch my soul.

On Jun 10, 2008 saravana wrote:
Its very much close to my heart

On Jun 11, 2008 Kevin wrote:
Every week I listen. I play it as I go to bed, sometimes in the car, share with friends. So much value in every nugget of wisdom.

Still, I have this urge to hop on a plane from Ontario, Canada and attend a Wednesday meditation. I need to be closer to whatever this is, wherever it is coming from. It feels like the place to 'be'.

On Jun 13, 2008 imran wrote:
i realy liked these quotations and want to get some more encouraging ones ,pleae send me more..........

On Mar 30, 2009 sethi wrote:

Thanks a million! Just a gentle reminder to evaluate my own journey of life .

On Mar 31, 2009 param wrote:

i dont know what's the effect of this article on te readers but this article is send by god to me . so, 1st thanks God i always beleived that U ARE THERE and in some way U are there guiding itss i sometimme unable to read U. now, i am going to walk in a new path for my carrier and also my life. social sector. i will remember U all my path.                           and  thanks to the site for the article whish is not just article to me.                                                 

On Oct 6, 2010 asanna wrote:

 Thank you for this beautiful,beautiful steps to a beautiful life!  It's like God speaking to me. it calms my troubled soul.   God bless u.

On Oct 14, 2011 sarath baabu wrote:

this is a very nice and thoughtfull article. it has the inspiration which i was looking for!!

On Dec 2, 2011 yewoubdar wrote:

It seems like God is speking to me through this article.

So inspirational


On Dec 2, 2012 CORNE wrote:
Baie dankie dis die beste besigheids inspirerende boodkap wat ek in n lang tyd gelees het . op die regte tyd , op die regte plek AMEN 

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