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We Are Never Alone

--by Anandmurti Gurumaa (Jun 23, 2008)

We are never alone. Neither in the womb, nor after birth. The true Self is boundary-less; it is all-pervasive. In terms of existence there isn't any boundary, but at mind, body and speech levels we divide the existence into me, you and them.

I have a relationship with body, senses, mind, intellect; these are so close, yet so far from the real-self. Entwined with one another and still separate. We cannot draw a line as to where the body ends and where the mind begins or mind ends and the Self begins.

The mind is a subtle form of matter and the body is the gross form of mind. Mind and matter are not different from one another. A quantum physicist would say that matter and energy are not two different entities. The source of matter is energy alone and matter keeps moving between matter and energy.

The mind is invisible but the body is visible. Hence our identification and association with the body is so deep that we tend to see ourselves as body alone. [...]

The 'I' we are associated with, is the illusionary 'I'. The 'I' we know has more to do with mind or body but our real 'I' remains obscure. What an irony that the I doesn't know the 'I'!

Knowing oneself is the first step towards making good rapport not only with one's own mind and body but also with the other. This other can be husband, wife, mother, father, brother or anyone. Once we have understood how our mind functions, and as we witness the rise and fall of emotions in mind, we are better equipped not to get carried away with these waves of mind.


Explore your inner core, your untapped energy source and rejoice in it. Love and respect your Self and everything will become an echo of the same vibes. Thank this body, this breath and life. Give thanks for every little joy which life brings to you and smile. And smile like you have never smiled before and delve deep within.

Soak your Self in goodness of this moment and let every day begin with it and end with it. Soon you will love this new way of living. When you are strong, vibrant and energetic then you will begin to function as a magnet and you will attract all good people towards you. People enjoy the company of those who enjoy their own company.

--Anandmurti Gurumaa

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On Jun 24, 2008 michael wrote:
I'd just written a different version of the same reflection:
This riff was inspired by an interview with George Carlin when he died last month

If we all come from the big bang, then we are and have always have been everywhere. Somehow we all become individuated. Within that, what we call me will experience opposites – yin and yang. For every yin there is a yang and a yang for every yin. There’ll be plusses and minuses. Relax. You are everywhere and everywhen. If all of one thing is complete, the opposite must also be complete. That makes room for something new to experience. So…

Choose to do what you love. Be grateful for this sense of identity. Just appreciate it

This sense of you-ness will not disappear; it will change, morph, evolve, take on new form.

There’s also an individuated form of energy that we’re just beginning to experience. This energy attracts. Relationships, families, groups will be attracted and will still gather together, in this new form. If this form is human, then sexes, roles and other expressions of being close will mesh in new ways. So whatever you express – love, joy, connectedness, contribution, gratitude is what that form of energy attracts and gives all of it back. Don’t worry; it all works out.

(I publish this to subscribers on my site.)
ps I'm on the board of GAA, just didn't make it out to San Francisco

On Jun 24, 2008 Conrad wrote:
Thanks Nipun,
I feel connected to you.
With much gratitude.

On Jun 26, 2008 venkatesh wrote:

On Jun 30, 2008 Rajesh Singh Sisodia wrote:
It is a very good lesson.In fact complex process of meditation has been taught in simple words.
Really applaudable.

On Aug 27, 2008 shweta singh wrote:
i think everyone is alone and everyone is not alone because when we are happy then we feel like that everybody is with our and we enjoy our life but when we are unhappy then this thing works in opposit side in sorrow and whenever we have to face diffculties at that time we feel there is nothing to live because we are always want to see good things and we cant bear sadness is the main cause of aloneness.its my personal request to those who are not agreey with my views please lave a note for me.i am waiting for your advice.

On Jun 23, 2016 Navneet wrote:

 Respected Guruma ji Sat Sri Akal .i m from Punjab.I just recently two years before I came to know about u through intranet I have listened to u through Internet wanted to meet but sometimes feel helpless I often listen Gurbani she ads n Waheguruji jaap sung by u it gives me Anand peace I have lots of questions to ask about Waheguruji meditation I dnt know how to ask I suffered from life and my automatically to get peace my bent of mind towards de Waheguruji.I want to know can we do meditation alone means without guidance can we start at our home 

On Jan 3, 2018 saheli gupta wrote:

 thanks for this post