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Truth is Alive through Alertness

--by Osho (Mar 03, 2008)

Your truth can be alive only if it comes through alertness, not through precepts and principles. Each moment, you have to be alert in order to be true. Truth is not a principle; it is something born out of your alertness. Non-violence is not a principle; if you are mindful, you cannot be violent. But, that is difficult. You have to transform yourself.

It is easy to live according to principles, rules and regulations. Then you need not worry about being more alert and aware; you can follow the principles. Then you are just like a railway train running on the tracks. Those tracks are your principles. You are not afraid because you cannot miss the path. Really, you don't have any path; you have just iron rails on which your train is running. You will reach the destination, you need not be afraid. You will be asleep and the train will reach it. It is running on dead paths.

But, practice says that life is not like that, it is more like a river. It is not running on iron rails. The path has not even been charted before. As the river flows, the path is created. The river will reach the sea, and this is how life should be. Life is like a river. There is no pre-charted way; there are no maps to be given to you which are to be followed. Just be alive and alert, and then, wherever life leads, you go with full confidence in it. Trust in the life force. Allow it to lead you towards the sea.

Just be alert, that is all. While life leads you towards the sea, just be alert so that you don't miss anything. If you are alert, this life will be bliss. The very movement of the river is bliss in itself. Passing through the valleys, through the rocks, falling down from the hills, moving into the unknown is itself bliss.

The river is not simply going to meet the sea, it is "growing" to be the sea, and this is possible only through rich experience, alert experiences, moving, trusting. This is the human search. Of course, it is dangerous. If rivers could be run through predetermined paths, there would be less danger, fewer errors. But the whole beauty of aliveness would be lost


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On Mar 3, 2008 David Dunlop wrote:
A Loving Heart is the Truest Wisdom

On Mar 5, 2008 Murray wrote:
I ENJOYED the article a lot. With your blessing, I would like to propose a few sequentially-connected considerations.

1. Being alert is critical. As I have pondered my life, I have felt God's inspiration telling me this, "Where 'er thou art, be thou (w)holy there." In short, I need to be COMPLETELY THERE (alert) in all conversations, in all elements of work, play, etc. AS WELL, I need to be righteous, non-judgmental, or as some say, "Christlike."

2. Truth is not relative. One plus one is two no matter what. If one is blind, one could say in his/her "truth" that all is black and there is no sunrise. That would be a falsehood and not true. Yes, there is a different in "personal perspective," but not a difference in truth. 1+1=2

3. Without absolute truths and principles connected to them, there is no true basis for solid relationships, integrity, etc. ALL successful relationships and societies MUST have some basic ground rules and principles in order to flourish. Indeed, one of the world's challenges is the constant shifting of values and the uncertainties associated with them. A value-less society is a dangerous society that eventually leads to being in opposition to nature where nature is "naturally" and mostly predictable, constant, etc. Without constant values and principles what eventually sets in is anarchy, manipulation by the power brokers, etc. and eventual entrapment in a totalitarian society. History is just STUFFED FULL of evidence of this sort.

4. Thanks for hanging with me on this. :-)

5. Though the railway metaphor supports your point, the river metaphor doesn't. Even rivers have banks, have courses, and have "principles," so to speak, that KEEP THEM IN their course. What railways don't have that rivers do is LIFE.

Principles, in my world, are like the RIVER BANKS and guide me along the way, but I must STILL be (w)holy there in order TO BE the person of gentle persuasion in this world. Between the banks of the river, I can gurgle down the river bed, nurturing other life along the way, etc., but I still cannot arbitrarily flow over a mountain or cut a new path on a whim. As a river, I am predictable, nurturing, have room to flex between my banks, to draw on tributaries of goodness poured into my life by others, drop the sands of pain on sand bars (leaving them behind), etc., etc.

So, in the end, I am not a train-track based person with rigid, inanimate, cold numbness, but I am a person seeking to live by absolute truths (which do exist) and by corresponding principles with the goal to provide goodness and hope for all those that come to my riverbanks.

God bless.

On Mar 11, 2008 brvhrt wrote:
Well said, Murray!

Post-Modernism: I happened to visit a famous building which was post rules..staircases leading to nowhere and people were appreciating the art of meaninglessness/relativism/post-modernism. My question to the guide who was showing us the building was, 'Does this building have an Absolutely good foundation or is it also Post-Modern???

We need Absolute moral laws to keep society from flowing wherever it wants to...any society which has done that has disintegrated. Now, the post-modernist will say, So what if it disintegrates? For that my answer is what the blind person told the religious leaders when Jesus healed him. He basically said, I don't care for your intellectual/theological debates. I know this that I was blind and now I can see.

We need to open our spiritual eyes and establish these laws in our heart and they should come from a heart yearning to fellowship with God. Nothing less will do!

God loves us all and may He bless us all and lead us to the Truth!