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You Are Saved By Your Love

--by Michael Damian (Jan 15, 2018)

Love is the power that reveals truth and drives our search for it. You may have noticed that if you study something deeply - an animal, a face, a piece of music - you begin to love it. You become one with it. This felt sense of oneness is the highest expression of love. When you love like this you transcend the selfish distortions and ambitions that once tainted your study. A true study and mastery of anything both demands and evokes this real love.

In the study of existence you realize your oneness with it. As the artificial divide between you and the world dissolves, the whole of existence is found to be good and worthy of love. All sense of separation is gone. There is an open, lucid awareness that manifests the joy of being. When we are joyful we do not think to go and find God. In joy we feel light as a feather, and to that lightness we know God and all that is worth knowing. 

The spiritual search is for this undivided condition. In this search, as in all things, you need understanding and you need love. The way is to lovingly work with your present understanding, knowing that love directs the work and already contains the goal. 

It is love that drives you to seek understanding, and each new step in understanding brings more love. When you lack understanding in any given moment, you are saved by your love, even if that love cries out in despair. Love ensures that revelation will eventually come like lightning, and love itself will be the light in it. So welcome the wind, the storm and the rain as you inquire into your true nature. They bring the lightning of self-knowledge. And in a flash you will behold a new heaven and earth, and know yourself as you have always been.

Excerpted from The Art of Freedom by Michael Damian.

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On Jan 12, 2018 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 Love is the savior and love is the saved. In love, there is oneness. There is no separation. between doing and being, between subject and object.There are three dimensions of relationship: self -to -self, self-to -other and the one that transcends self and others. It is a transcendental relationship going beyond all man-made boundaries. Love is an experience of oneness. Love experience is a spiritual, a sacred experience. Such experience brings the lightning of self-knowledge. And as Michael Damian says," In a flash you will behold a new heaven and earth, and know yourself as you have always been."

In love there is no defeat and no victory. When we have deep feeling of oneness, there is no otherness. The self is the other and the other is the self. I feel such oneness when I am deeply connected with what I read, what I write, or when I listen to music or when I meditate. I feel such joyful oneness when I watch the stars, listen to the rain drops falling , or the birds chirping. I feel such oneness when a child or a stranger smiles at me or in loving and helping relationships.

There are different dimensions of love. In my young age, I was looking for love coming from a young beautiful girl, I went on a journey of pleasures and pains. When the relationship broke, I felt deeply hurt. My heart was wounded. What helped me was allowing my feelings of pain and suffering come with deep compassion for me and deep compassion for the other person. It took time for me to heal myself. I needed to feel in order to heal. Such compassionate healing was mutually beneficial. This profound experience taught me the power of love. It helped me to go  to a higher dimension of love.

May we learn how to cultivate compassion and love to live our life harmoniously and joyfully!

Namaste! Jagdish P Dave

On Jan 13, 2018 david doane wrote:

 Love is oneness.  In experiencing and realizing oneness with all that is, living and not living, I experience love.  In love I am saved from disconnection, isolation, and fear that accompany lack of love.  Each of us is a unique individual, which we begin to learn at a young age.  It is when we realize that we also are simultaneously part of every other and part of all that is that we experience the oneness that is love.  My love saved me since I came to realize this, and it is a realization and love that keeps deepening.  Becoming experientially married, which happened for me slowly and long after getting legally married, helped me realize oneness that includes individuality, which is love that saves me.  Love or oneness helps me shed surface layers like image, ego, and false self, and get to know my real self that has always been.

On Jan 16, 2018 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:
Love is existence and creation..Loveless there is no life.Love reinstates hope and reassures all is well with the world with so much of its drawbacks and weaknesses.The life force eternal SOUL is nothing but manifested love. And this is in fact our search and spirituality--.our Sadhana & Meditation.It reverberates in all beings all the time everywhere.SriKrishna taught the same knowledge to Arjun and all Saints also found the same in Vedas.In the form of Light is reflected in The Stars and presence felt in the Sun & Moon too. I am alive,saved and moved merely by Love. 

On Jan 17, 2018 Mukti wrote:

 In my experience, it is from my deepest moments of despair that I have been lifted to a pure feeling of true love. I think this is why many claim that guardian angels are with us. God, or whatever your word for this love may be, is present at these potent moments as well as in the joyful experiences of bliss for me. Sudden loss of a young friend, end of a long marriage because of addiction and mental illness, unexpected loss of a life I thought I was living.... Through all of my ups and downs the certainty of connectedness becomes my compass for life. Love is more and more present between myself and all sentient beings. We all suffer, we all can tap into love and heal. My fear of the worst that might happen here on earth is substituted for confidence that with love we will all rally and be there for our neighbours and kin in potent love and compassion. Shared suffering is maybe the most potent love of all. 

On Jan 18, 2018 Jo wrote:

 Shared suffering ... Yes, most potent love of all!  Amen.  Satan wants us to fear the worst might happen.  God wants us to trust in His angels.  Always present.

On Jan 30, 2018 Pravin Shah wrote:

 When I stop thinking (no future, no past), and 'being' in the present, I reach within, where there is no pain, no sorrow! Only peace and joy. Only Love, which has no opposite. It is your true self, the Atma. Love is one of the portals through which this liberation is possible.

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