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Happy Birthday, Dear Sister

--by Parag Shah (Sep 04, 2017)

Happy Birthday, Dear Sister.
Welcome to the festival of this world.

I pray in silence on this day,
That you are bestowed with the gift of Nothingness!

That Nothingness which is full of space,
Like the universe that holds this cosmic life.

That Nothingness which resides without an address, 
amidst a world otherwise full of visiting cards.

That Nothingness which knows no identity,
but whose presence is enough to be a present.

Where every stride is a grace,
Every smile is a blessing.

That Nothingness.

Nothingness, whose action doesn’t flow from completeness,
but is wholeness in itself.

Nothingness, whose essence is not something to be respected,
but is reverence in itself.

Nothingness, whose love isn't racing towards a destination, 
but is service in itself.

Nothingness, whose movement isn't in want of peace,
But is stillness in itself.

That Nothingness, which is not in relationship with others,
But a connection without any sense of another.

This Nothingness is what the world needs today.

For the gift of Nothing is the love of everything,
And the love of everything is a gift of Nothing.

Happy Birthday, Dear Sister.

I pray in silence on this day,
That you be bestowed with the gift of Nothingness!

by Parag Shah, on the occasion of his sister's birthday.

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On Sep 1, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 Nothingness is not a thing. Nothingness is the source of everything. There is nothing missing in nothingness. This beautiful poem reminds me of a similar beautiful poem in an ancient spiritual book called Ishvasya Upanishada written in Sanskrit: " Purnam adaha, purnam idam, purnat puram udachyate; purnasya purnam adaya, purnam evavishisyate." This is full. That is full. If you add something to fullnes, it remains full. If you take something out of it, what remains is fullness. Nothingness is described as emptiness-emptying those thoughts, feelings and actions that cause suffering to us and to others.Then emptiness is fullness and fullness is emptiness.

The source of creation has infinite abundance. When we separate ourselves from this source by believing and thinking and behaving as if we are separate from the source, we plant the seeds of alienation, me against you,  invading others, and having not enough.We get misaligned with the source of creation. When we align ourselves and live in harmony with the all pervading and  all embracing creative source, our cup of life gets filled.

Everything emanates from this creative source. We may call this source God, Supreme Being, Divine Mind, Tao or by any other name. Our egoic mind creates separation, divisiveness, and disconnection within and between people. Such a divided state of our ordinary ego-bound consciousness creates inner poverty and lack of fulfillment. If we wake up, become aware of this self-created alienation from the creative source, we can be reborn and live harmoniously, joyfully and peacefully.

My purpose of being in this world is to serve others and when I live this way the others become me and I become others.This is  spiritual consciousness transcending the self-serving ordinary consciousness. This way of living makes me blissful and deeply contented. When I step out of this spiritual path, I feel discontented and unhappy. I wake up, rise and walk on the spiritual path.

May we rise when we fall down, wake up, and reconnect ourselves with the creative source of nothingness, emptiness or fullness.


Jagdish P Dave

On Sep 3, 2017 david doane wrote:

 Nothingness means no thingness, that is, pure being, pure process. pre-form, pre-manifest.  The closest I've come to Nothingness is brief moments of being very much in the present with no attachment to thoughts, agendas, goals, or tasks.  Such brief times have been experiences of intimacy such as while alone in meditation or in relationship with another.  Such moments also occur when I am fully in the process of living and relating and not focused on outcome.  Such moments are very alive.  We are all rooted in Nothingness, though often not aware of it or respectful of it.  Awareness of Nothingness, awareness of our rootedness in Nothingness, and brief experiences in Nothingness make for being in this world but not of it, and that awareness at least helps me stay rooted in awareness of Nothingness.

On Sep 5, 2017 Lakshmi wrote:

 " "Nothingness" does not mean emptiness or big void. It is a strong feeling when only one thing is experienced. When things get beyond our ability to cope with or change our situation, then we surrender to the almighty. At that moment we experience this unique, unified state of oneness with the flow of life. That I'd say is "Nothingness ". 

On Sep 5, 2017 g.p.agarwal wrote:

 Dear Sir, To me nothingness i s to create space for you. It is you who has been lost for want of inothingness. Search your soul which will really and truly solace you.  

On Sep 5, 2017 Pappu wrote:

 Nothingness means pure love.  It's beautiful poem. 

On Sep 5, 2017 Lisa wrote:

 Thank you!!!!! It's my birthday soon. So I really appreciated this. Meditation helps me stay rooted in nothingness.

On Sep 5, 2017 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

 Thank you. Celebrated my 50th birthday on September 3rd by attending healing arts workshops all weekend. We explored nothingness, being fully present to the moment and to each other. To me nothingness is that sacred space where we realize we are enough simply in our existence and everyone around us is enough too. Experienced that so many times this weekend where all the noise disappeared and I felt at one in the moment and grounded and settled in. I felt enough. Breathing and focusing on being helps me stay rooted. Sometimes listening to water helps too or rain. <3 

On Sep 5, 2017 Bhavana wrote:

 Nothingness as per me is the quiet, peace, emptiness that is fulfilling. "Chidanand Roopam Shivoham Shivoham"

On Sep 9, 2017 Ritu Chopra wrote:

Amazing write up! Truly inspiring! How I wish to experience this nothingness!