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Reveal Your Own Wholeness

--by Carol Carnes (Jun 30, 2014)

All mental healing is based on the awareness of the presence of pure Life, or wholeness, at the center of the patient. It is a calling forth, if you will, of that wholeness into visibility. It is not a “repair” of something broken, but an act of transcendence. It is the One that is always wholly at ease, taking precedence over the temporary manifestation of dis-ease.

We get better because there is something in us that is not sick. There is something about us that is not in lack. There is an aspect to us that is never confused or addicted or damaged. If that were not so, no one would ever recover or make changes in their life. Human life is a collection of stories of how we are constantly interacting with the higher nature of our own being! We get great new ideas and act on them. From where do they arise? We decide to clean up our lifestyle and find a great resolve in us, the will to stick to our decision. Where was that all the while we were succumbing to the addiction? Who goes to the AA meeting, the alcoholic or the One who is already clean and sober?

As we focus on what is True about us, we see the weakness of what seemed to be true. We only thought we had to be sick and poor and unloved. We believed we were powerless over our addiction. We decided we had to protect ourselves emotionally and could never have real love. These are mental states based on the illusion that we are at the mercy of effects. Then one day someone, perhaps, shows us how to tune in to the Cause that lives within us. That is the moment we take charge of our life. That is the beginning of transcendent living. That is when our mind is restored to its natural condition; that of formulating thoughts and ideas which automatically reveal our own wholeness in all areas of our experience.

Stay tuned in.

Carol Carnes learned an ancient meditation technique in Hawaii that opened her mind and began the emotional healing she needed to find her own potential. Shortly after learning to meditate she was led to a New Thought spiritual center where she found the intellectual basis for what her intuition had been sensing as true and reliable. ‚ÄčToday she is a New Thought teacher, an ordained minister of International Centers for Spiritual Living, a world traveller who has been in the company of HH the Dalai Lama and other world leaders in small group dialogues.

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On Jun 27, 2014 Abhishek wrote:

 I sense a certain center, located around my heart from where I feel a certain spark, a certain energy illuminate me. This manifests as radiance, as a certain flow, a certain energy that I am present to.

In fact, when I am tuned into this energy, life outside also seems to flow - almost as if there is this One principle that pervades, within and without, and all we are doing is tuning into that same principle within us.

Often, dis-ease is only the body communicating something that we have refused to hear repeatedly.....each time I tune in I experience ease and move closer to being a part of the One

On Jun 29, 2014 david doane wrote:

"Revealing your own wholeness" is for me the culmination of discovering that there is more to me than I am aware of, and exploring, accepting, and owning that more.  We each have aspects of our self that we don't know, often try to separate from and disown, consciously and unconsciously, and pretend they are not us.  And we each have incidents that reveal to us aspects of ourselves that we are unaware of and/or don't like.  It's all me (I'm all me), including my shadow side.  I am whole, I just don't realize it, and revealing my wholeness is a process of becoming more of who I am and becoming more integrated.  I don't think anyone becomes integrated or sees their own wholeness 100%, but we can be involved in the process of becoming whole.  The Cause that lives within us is the inexorable drive to accept and own the wholeness that we are.  The practice that helps me tune in to that Cause is to remind myself to maintain the beginner's mind, give up pretenses, be open to my inner stirrings, be open to input and feedback from others, and be willing to learn and grow. 

On Jul 1, 2014 HEENA wrote:

 " wholeness" to me is the belief that all is "oneness" of energy. it is energy that drives all of life rather than the belief that i held very strongly of "i " drive     life.  it is this " i " which created chaos; unanswered questions; strugles; resistance to life itself: in essense " suffering ". it is when i put this question to living "advaita" gurus that i was made to see that there is no "i" but there is suffering. the philosophy of " advaita" { non dualism"} if and when understood in the presense of living masters and also the pointers made by those that have left their bodies like Ramana Maharishi and  nIsaragadutta maharaj ; that  a simple shift takes place from  " I " to "THOU". And that thou is a pointer to "I AM THAT".  with this shift strugles; disappointments; fears; anxiety; ......the burden seems to drop and a certain centerdness of "peace" at the backdrop emerges while life continues with its pleasures and pains but there is a minimal "i " to care. the "i" or the ego   is not given a seperate identity as you are that.   There is no more a strugle with " suffering " but  A DEEP ACEPTANCE OF LIFE AS IS.  

On Jul 1, 2014 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 This writing reminds me of a poem sung by Saint Kabir-Kasturi kundal base'-musk fragrance lies within us. The musk deer  senses the fragrance and he is looking for it outside of him. Poor deer! He does not know that the source of fragrance is within him.The fragrance is arising from his navel center. The poet, Rabindranath Tagore, is searching for beauty far away in the Himalayas. A little flower right in front of his eyes quietly whispers: O great Poet! What you are looking for is right in front of you ! In my experience, poetry expresses this wisdom more poignantly than prose.

Being with people who are awakened to know and realize this Truth has helped me to relate to this way of being whole, wholesome and happy in my everyday living. I regularly practice Mindfulness Meditation and relate to happenings in life mindfully. I feel wholeness when I remain connected with this wise way of living.When I deviate from this wise way of living, I feel separated from my self and from others, I miss the sense of oneness in manyness. The good news is that such experiences make me realize that I am a human being. By accepting them mindfully, I move into the being zone. I transcend. I am journeying at times feeling isolated and disconnected and returning home, feeling whole. I am grateful to many who have helped me remain awake and centered.

Namaste to all.

Jagdish P Dave 

On Jul 1, 2014 paashi wrote:

As I read and reflect on the seed question ,,,,,,in this moment, wholeness is the awareness of moving from the mental analysis state to allowing grace to be held in pure awareness of wholeness which leads to  experience truth, beauty and goodness.  I'm opening up to:  There is nothing wrong at the core level of all beings that needs fixing--- it is the learning, developing, and evolving of spiritual intelligence from a state of humbleness

I practice intentional awareness of seen and unseen  connections in life experiences as  a whole and the moment to moment ease during states of overwhelm.

On Jul 1, 2014 Vedashini wrote:

 "Wholeness" is being at home with your body and its surroundings. Being present to yourself all those and all that you are surrounded with pleasant and unpleasant happenings. when i divert my income and talents and skill for the highest good of all I am at home with deeper peace and underlying bliss:shuddha-chitta-ananda. This journey to wholeness is like a deep prayer where you feel so happy and motivated to do good.

On Jul 11, 2014 dalia wrote:

most people live each day tying to be busy or occupied all through it by anything that catches their attention to keep themselves distracted from that weird feeling of a void inside that can't be filled by any kind of material consumption or addiction! When we allow this feeling to surface to the level of our consciousness,we cultivate awareness of it. We become observers of that presence of pure life energy, the potential seed of all possibilities and manifstations. This can be achieved through the silence of the ever occupied mind, through a state of alertness or meditation.            

On Jul 12, 2014 Akshay Sadana, NJ wrote:

 I very well believe in Mental Healing. I have found it to be very effective on me. I will share my experience and trust if it is passed on to others it will benefit lot many people who are suffering and are dependent on medicines. In this write up I am given my one experience and I will let my friends know the other ways I had used it.

 I has a big problem I could not sleep after going to bed for many hours. Or if while sleeping my sleep was  disturbed due to some reason I could not sleep again for hours together. In other words I was suffering with Insomnia.

I even tried medicines which were effective to some extent. But my problem still continued till again I got an advice from my old father.

He suggested me that I should treat myself with self treatment or in a way through hypnotic treatment.
I was advised to start chanting “My feet are sleeping, my feet are sleeping, my feet are sleeping….. then gradually move to my legs are sleeping, then my thighs are sleeping, then my abdomen is sleeping , then my chest is sleeping , My limbs are sleeping, My head is sleeping and finally  I am sleeping.
Initially for couple of days it took long time before I was really sleeping but within a fortnight I could not even reach to my limbs are sleeping.  And now when I get to bed I simply say I am sleeping and before long I am actually in Deep sleep.

I think there can’t be a better example than this to your own self.
I can assure, all those who are suffering with Insomnia will find it a best Self Treatment for there tortures Problem.
Please do let me the result if you try and find it effective so that it can be conveyed to thousands and thousands of persons who are suffering with this problem.

On Jul 30, 2014 Michele wrote:

This a beautiful response David to this inquiry. Integrating and including all parts, light and dark, is so important in the healing and creative process of life. I love the beginner's mind as a path of remembering that our Cause is not just mental or thought patterns but a remembering that are awareness is founded upon spirit, heart, mind and body intelligence working together in greater harmony.

In my own experience it's the Heart intelligence that roots the energy of our Spirit and gives the Mind greater clarity to see what wants to be visible now in the world of form, or Body intelligence. When these four intelligences are aligned, we are more apt to flourish. 

I do not believe that we decide or think ourselves into dis ease, or lack. Unless we are truly enlightened, we in and out patterns of unconsciousness and consciousness. Each event, whether is appears good or bad, is an opportunity to grow closer to life itself as a path of revelation and for me the Presence is my Soul guiding me to weave together my wholeness again and again like a tapestry of light. 

I actually don't believe that everyone has this greater Cause to grow and that's why there is so much addiction to that which ultimately doesn't truly sustain us. Personally, it took having cancer for me to see that even my addiction to personal growth and being of service had lured me from my deeper happiness. 

Blessings on all of us for trying to put words to this great mystery of living life. 

On Aug 5, 2014 aj wrote:

The practice that has helped me tune into "God inside of me" (my own personal wholeness) is that of silence.  The "space", disconnect and nature of silence, leads me to a place of completeness.  I feel intact and undivided.  This is a state I am not "in" often, though I believe as I get older and life settles a bit more, time will better allow me this privilege.  
Me+my son+my extended family+my work+responsibilities . . . . Divide me in such a way my sense of whole ness is diminished.  
The closer I get to God, the further I move from earthly responsibilities, the more "whole" I feel.  
"God inside of me"

On Aug 26, 2014 Rebecca McCarty wrote:

I may contain that which can become whole, within my self...but am I whole? Complete? Or do I suffer from unwholesomeness, being incomplete within myself? If I am honest with myself, I see, I am incomplete, though to realize this, is uncomfortable.

Like you, I will not work for what I imagine I already contain, if I imagine I am complete, whole, I may receive a false sense of satisfaction, but will I strive for completion? Realizing the state of my own incomplete being, surely does quicken a desire in me to complete myself, to work on acquiring what I need to achieve a state of wholesomeness. For, is it not only from a state of our own wholeness, that we can offer, that which is wholesome? Has our world not already suffered enough from unwholesomeness?

Like you,I will also, not work, for that which I imagine I can not attain. If I imagine I am incapable of attaining a state of completeness, I  can allow myself, to become complacently satisfied, with partial development, saying to myself, "why make effort to be more, have I not done all that anyone could be expected to do?"

Like you, I also find it is difficult to be honest with myself, I avoid unprofitableness, as containing it causes a kind of suffering, yet, it is exactly from accepting and containing the suffering, that realizing these uncomfortable truths produce, there arises  in me, an undefinable will, to become. I embrace these realizations when I have the strength to bear them. They are friends to my inner work, goading me forward in my own self development.

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