Waking up to Wisdom
In Stillness and Community

Wednesdays on Fridays (Oakland, CA)

"All revolutions are spiritual at the source. All my activities have the sole purpose of achieving a union of hearts." --Vinoba Bhave

Intentionally located in East Oakland -- to, on the one hand, overcome institutionalized violence and on the other hand, be showered by the multicultural love and wisdom from neighbors-- this small community strives for integral nonviolence and supports activities that foster fearlessness, courage, autonomy, unconditional love and compassion for all beings.

Every Friday for the last 6 years, the anchors of Awakin Oakland -- whose main door is unlocked 24hrs, all days of the week -- host "Wednesdays on Fridays", an open-house meditation night that was inspired by a family in Santa Clara who has been doing this for close to 20 years [2017]. Also, for the last three years, these Awakin circles in Oakland have been hosted every other week in Spanish as a way to invite sharings closer to the heart from the large Spanish speaking migrant community in this neighborhood. The format goes like this ...

7:00PM An hour of collective silence; its unguided, without any instructions or music. For first-timers, this primer on meditation may be helpful.
8:00PM A short reading (sent out earlier via email), followed by a circle of sharing of "aha" moments from everyday life.
9:00PM A vegan meal, offered in silence. Those who stay afterwards are invited to offer time to related projects of the Great Turning.

To join, simply register in the right column and you'll be emailed the details. There is no charge and no one is expected to bring anything. People organically "pay-it-forward" to the world in their own ways.

About The Anchors of Awakin Oakland

One way to learn about them is to read about their shared values: vegan, no intoxicants, two hours of daily meditation, to name a few. Another way is to get to know about the people who live there -- like Eva and Pancho.

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Thank you, all!