Waking up to Wisdom
In Stillness and Community

Awakin Call Archives

"When you are listening to somebody, completely, attentively, then you are listening not only to the words, but also to the feeling of what is being conveyed, to the whole of it, not part of it." --J. Krishnamurti

We've had lots of amazing calls. Each one speaks to different people in different ways, and we invite you to read the recaps, listen to the audio, share comments and spread the ideas that move you.

Ann Medlock
Sticking Her Neck Out For Democracy and Our Common Humanity

David George Haskell
Songs of Trees: Interconnections Between People and Trees

David Fryburg
You are What You See: Inspiring Kindness through Images

David Bullon Patton
Bringing Innovation and Love into Public Service

Dr. Manulani Aluli Meyer
Healing through Indigenous Wisdom

Sharyle Patton
Understanding and Reducing our Communities' Chemical Burden

Jasmin Singer
Compassion Unlocks Identity

ServiceSpace Interns
Beginners' Minds in Kindness and Generosity

Jonathan Rose
Well-Tempered Cities That Harmonize Humans

Laura Delano
Recovery from Psychiatry and Reclamation of Inner Compass

Rick Hanson
Hardwiring Happiness -- Rewiring Our Brain to be More Compassionate and Happy

Two Trees (Kaylynn Sullivan)
The Practice of Living

Shamash Alidina
Mindfulness and Kindfulness

Peter Kalmus
Being the Change: How I Dramatically Cut Fossil Fuels and Increased My Joy

Lara Galinsky
Tuning In to Moments of Obligation as Life Purpose

Jeffrey Mishlove
The Flowers and Roots of Consciousness

Ulrike Reinhard
Skateboard Parks and the Power of Relationship

Anil Ananthaswamy
Explorations in the Edge of Self

Silas Hagerty
Film-making and Gifting for Transformation

Trupti Pandya
Adding Compassion to the Prescription Therapy List

Mark Whitwell
The Heart of Yoga

Andy Smallman
Kindness as an Avenue to Awe

Maya Breuer
Listen to Spirit and Take Action

Frank Ostaseski
What the Living Can Learn From the Dying

Meredith May
Why Mercy Matters

Clair Brown
How Would Buddha Teach Economics?

Thom Bond
Teaching Compassion at Scale

Parag Shah
A Different Kind of R.O.E.

Debra Roberts
Sacred Path of Bees

Mark Barone & Marina Dervan
An Act of Dog: 5,500 Portraits for Animal Justice

Cheryl Angel
Standing Peacefully Firm at Standing Rock

Pranidhi Varshney
Staying Strong in Values

Ken Cloke
From Conflict to Transcendence and Transformation

Joserra Gonzalez
A Re-Love-ution Blooms in Spain

Rajni Bakshi
A Teller of Stories of Modern-Day Gandhians

Robert Bengston
Art and Inspiration: What Would Love Do?

William Rosenzweig
Business Lessons from a Quiet Gardener

Thu Nguyen
Resourcefulness, Resilience, and the Art of Living

Doug Powers
Cultivating and Teaching Freedom

Alfred Tolle
Cultivating and Connecting Conscious Leaders

Luc Reynaud
Music as a Force of Love

Anthony Chavez
Continuing a Legacy of Inspiration

Scott Elias
Designing Companies That Are Loved

Liz Mitten Ryan
The Wisdom of the Herd

Miti Desai
Dancing, Design & the Journey from Form to the Formless

Edmund Benson
Making a Difference as Elders

Yoav Peck
Encountering Others in Their Full Humanity

Nilima Bhat
Men, Women and Shakti Leadership: Exercising Power Regeneratively

Marjorie Maddox
Engaging With the World Through Poem & Story

Charles Halpern
Cultivating Wisdom for Justice and Social Transformation

Joshua Gorman
Generation Waking Up

Mushim Patricia Ikeda
Taking the Great Vow Not to Burn Out

Rhonda Magee
Addressing Social and Racial Injustice with Compassion

Len & Libby Traubman
A Marriage and Life in Dialogue and Bridging Divides

Makala Kozo Hattori
Healing Gift of Cancer -- And Life

David Milarch
Obtaining New Life By Giving New Life to Trees

Rikin Gandhi
Shifting My Gaze from the Stars to Earth and Within

Philippe Simonin
A Dream to Share Dreams

Kristi Nelson
Grateful Living As A Foundational Practice for Every Moment

Bonita Banducci
Harnessing the Talents and Contributions of Women

Matt Walker
Sleeping Enough to Be Truly Awake

Robert Yazzie
Navajo Notion of Justice

Keith McHenry
Abundance and Cooperation Toward Peace and Justice

Cierra McNamara
Building a Community Sanctuary for Stillness and Inner Wisdom

Jeannie Kahwajy
Getting the People Part Right

Elle Luna
Designing a Life Beyond the Crossroads of Should and Must

Sonia Deotto
Art and Activism for a Nonviolent World

Maria Jain
Buddhas on Death Row

Mike Dickson
Exercising Our Generosity Gene

Sonya Shah
Witnessing Suffering and Transcendence in the Most Extreme Places

Carol Ruth Silver
Embracing the Responsibility to Make Things Right

Teri Delane
Getting My Life Together to Give it Back

Charles Holmes
Doing Well by Doing Good

Cam Danielson
Traits of Exceptional Leaders

Fleet Maull
Waking Up Rather Than Killing Time Behind Prison Walls

Barbara Crooker
Chronicling Life's Loves, Losses, and Disabilities Through Poetry

David Brown Jr.
On Forgiveness and Embracing Adversity to Discover Purpose

Arlene Samen
Encountering Open Doors on the Path of Service

Giuseppe Spadafora
Serving Up Community One Tea Cup at a Time

Mickey Lemle
Telling Moving Stories About Human Transformation

David Sands
Bamboo Living: Bettering Our Inner and Outer Worlds

Liam Chai
23-Year-Old's Journey of Unlearning

Ferial Pearson
Secret Kindness Agents

Andrea Casalinho
Permaculture Ethics and Design: Shaping and Living the Life We Want

Jeffrey Smith
Taking On the Food Industry

Chase Bossart
Coming Alive With Every Breath We Take

21-Day Challenge
Ripples in Reverence

Ann Sieben
From Nuclear Engineer to Adventure Pilgrim to Spiritual Pilgrim to Servant Pilgrim

Phil Borges
Viewing Mental Illness Through Other Lenses

Sandy Wiggins
Transforming Personal Awakening Into Social Innovation

Jane Baldwin
Stories from Women and Displaced Natural Communities

Laurie Mulvey
World in Conversation

Emily Baxter
We Are All Criminals

Howard Glasser
Transforming the Difficult Child

Anne Veh
The Art of Making the Mundane Magical

Ron Nakasone
A Calligrapher's Pilgrimage

Hawah Kasat
Can Art Unite Us?

Jared Levy
Every Generation Needs A Teacher

Linda Cruse
Of Marmalade and Machine Guns

Thank you, all, for holding space for such emergent conversations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.