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Apr 27, 2013: Elemental Water

Read Blog By Audrey Lin:
Like A River Flows: Water, Film, And The Human Spirit  
Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee discovered the power of "oneness" in jazz music. "An accomplished bass player who was performing and teaching jazz by his mid-20s, he recalls with reverence those rare moments when an ensemble melds into something special that transcends the skills of the individual players," writes Paul Van Slambrouck.

About eight years ago, he had a dream -- to highlight the untold stories of everyday heroes around the world.  So Emmanuel became a filmmaker.  And put that concept of "oneness" into practice on a larger scale: he traveled to dozens of countries producing short films that, while honoring diversity, seek to demonstrate the underlying bonds of humanity. His Global Oneness Project was born in 2005 and has produced 150 short films while attracting millions of viewers -- while offering it all as a no-strings-attached gift.  Most recently, Emmanuel has produced feature length film called Elemental -- to discuss the profound issues pertaining to water.

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