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Jan 28, 2012: Art and Activism

Read Blog By Audrey Lin:
You Bloom, We Bloom: Forest Call with John Chambers  

Every week, we have a "Forest Call" to share insights and inspiration from various corners of the ServiceSpace ecosystem.  Typically, the call opens with a circle of sharing, then features a guest speaker and is followed by dynamic Q&A around the emergent themes.

Our guests this week will be: artist and community organizer, John Chambers!  ‚ÄčJohn never imagined that he'd give up his early commercial success to dedicate his entire life to a nonprofit community arts organization. But now John is pushing the envelope in ways he never imagined. On this call, he will share some stories from his diverse life experiences and thoughtful insights around running BloomBars in DC in a generosity-driven way.

If you'd like to join the call, please RSVP below and you'll be emailed the call-in information as we get closer to date of the call. 

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